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Pathway To Freedom seeks to shed light on an increasingly dark world, offering knowledge gathered over a 25 year span. It is an ever-evolving work in progress, so some parts are still under construction, while others need to be re-organized. As a result, please forgive the lack of content, organization, and polish when encountered. While I've done my best to provide accurate information, please do your own research to verify that which I'm presenting.

I, Andrew Petropoulos, created this site because I see humanity allowing itself to be led into a dark and painful future, and this is my attempt at preventing that from becoming reality.

Pathway To Freedom is intended to be a one-stop hub that exposes lies, reveals hidden truths, and provides humanity with the information it needs to create a dramatically better world, before it’s too late.

Special credit goes to Mark Passio, his presentations, and his What On Earth Is Happening podcast and videocast. Please visit Mark’s website for a much deeper and more comprehensive look into the topics that I'm presenting: http://www.whatonearthishappening.com. In order to gain the deepest and most complete understanding, I highly recommend listening to his podcast series, in order, starting from WOEIH Show #001.

I would also like to give a huge shout-out to all the whistle blowers, the makers of truth-based videos, documentaries, memes, and all the people doing the difficult work to share the truth and expose evil, no matter the reactions they receive, and no matter the pain and suffering they endure. You are all heroes and will ultimately become legends.

A note about censorship: There is a chance this website will be censored. Because of this, please download the Unstoppable Domains browser here, or the Unstoppable Domains Chrome or Chromium extension here, or the Firefox extension here, or Opera for Android here. Using one of these tools, one can visit PATHWAYTOFREEDOM.CRYPTO, which cannot be censored. Additionally, if links to other webpages are no longer available, please plug the link addresses into The Way Back Machine at https://www.archive.org and, in most cases, you will be able to view the webpages as of a date prior to their removal.

Note: All information is provided for educational purposes only and is my opinion based on my research. Nothing should be taken as advice. I am not a doctor, financial advisor, nutritionist, scientist, lawyer, nor an expert in any field. Please take a moment to read the Disclaimer.

I encourage the sharing of any and all content from this website but I would ask that credit be given for any original materials used by referring back to this site. Thank you.

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~Andrew Petropoulos

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