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In the How to Determine Truth section, we learned that we cannot trust what others tell us. This is because most people have been deceived into believing ideas that are not true. While most people have good intentions and believe they're telling the truth, in most cases, they're simply repeating what they were told, without having verified it themselves.

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Could many of the things you believe also not be true?

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To repeat some of what we learned in the How To Determine Truth section, if we want to know what's really going on, we have to be the one to determine that. We can't trust teachers. We can't trust doctors. We can't trust politicians. We can't trust what we see on television or read in newspapers or textbooks. We can’t trust consensus opinions. We need to look into topics for ourselves, using our own brains and our own reasoning. We need to think for ourselves. And we need to look and think outside the box.

Rulers and those working for the ruling class have always relied on lies to maintain and grow their own power, while keeping humanity in a state of ignorance, and in what seems like an utterly powerless state.

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They understand that an ignorant people are an enslaved people.

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In the United States and most other countries, gatekeepers (the mainstream media and other public figures) have been placed in positions to protect those in charge, and to prevent people from learning the truth about a variety of topics.

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If people do not begin learning the truth about what’s really going on in our world, they will be left behind, and will be actively contributing to humanity’s current downward spiral.

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The Internet is currently the best gateway for learning the truth about our world, as it's one of the few remaining sources that has not yet been completely corrupted and censored, at least not in most countries. However, corrupt mainstream sources are also online, and so it's critically important that we look at independent and alternative sources of information. Mainstream sources have been corrupted and are no longer trustworthy.

YouTube used to be a good resource for learning the truth about a number of topics, but heavy censorship by YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other corporate-controlled organizations is underway in an effort to marginalize and eliminate those speaking the truth.

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Wikipedia has also been compromised, and is now nothing but a mouthpiece for the corrupt. But no matter who is providing the information, we must always ask the question, “Is it really true?”

The Internet has provided a brief window for humanity to see the truth, but that window is quickly closing. Instead of taking advantage of this invaluable opportunity, most have chosen to use the Internet to waste their lives away on mindless entertainment, trivialities, and self-gratification.

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What types of topics should we look into? Everything.

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Remember that those in the control system seek to convince people of information that is not true. So, when we start examining some of the below topics using our own minds, looking outside the box of the mainstream, do we see that we're being told the truth? Or, are we being lied to? Learning the truth about some of the below topics will be a giant step in our awakening, and will deal a blow to those who wish to keep humanity suppressed.

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What follows are a few topics that I feel are worth looking into. For some, I've provided a link or two to help.

Fluoride – Is it really good for our teeth? Or is there another reason it's added to drinking water, mouthwashes, and toothpastes?

Mercury – Is it really safe to use in dental fillings? Why is it in vaccines?

Food – Just because foods and beverages have been approved for human consumption, does that mean they're safe? Why do so many of foods and beverages contain chemicals and other harmful ingredients?

Vaccines – Are they really safe and do they really prevent diseases? Or is there another reason they’re aggressively promoted? If they worked so well, why do they have to bribe or force people to take them? Link

Pharmaceutical Drugs – Do they really solve health problems? Or do they simply mask symptoms while causing more problems?

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Circumcision – Is it actually done for the reasons we’re told? Or is there another reason for it?

Hospitals and Most Doctors – Are they really working to keep people healthy? Or do they have different priorities now?

Planned Parenthood – Are they a beneficial organization that was created to help women and families? Or are they part of a very different agenda? Who started this organization, who’s helping to fund it, and what are their goals?

Abortion – Is it a reasonable way of dealing with a problem? It is moral or immoral? What happens to all the aborted babies?

Mammograms – Are they the best way to detect breast cancer? Or are they possibly causing cancer?

Traditional Cancer Treatments – Are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation the best treatments for “fighting” cancer? Or could they be making cancer worse?

The Lack of Cancer Cures – Are we really still searching for a cure for cancer, or have some already been discovered? And, if so, why haven't we heard about them from the mainstream medical system or the mainstream media?

Sunscreens – Do they really help protect against skin damage and cancer? Or might they be doing the exact opposite?

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Organ Donation – Is being an organ donor a smart and generous choice to make? Or is there a darker agenda behind the organ donation industry? And are organs harvested from those who’ve died, or are they harvested from people while they’re still alive? Link

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) – Are GMOs really safe to eat? Why have over 30 countries banned them but the United States hasn't? And why don’t most companies want to admit they’re in their foods?

Cow’s Milk and Other Dairy Products – Does milk really do a body good? Or is its consumption linked to a number of health problems?

Meat – Is it really healthy and necessary for us to eat? Or is it negatively affecting us on several different levels?

Earthing or Grounding – What is it and why don’t they teach us about it in school or on TV? Why don’t doctors recommend it? Link

Rebounding – What is it and why don’t we hear about it from mainstream doctors or the mainstream media?

Television – Is it really there to entertain and inform? Or was it designed for a more sinister purpose? Why do governments want every home to have a TV?

Wars – Do they really occur for the reasons we're told? Or are there other reasons for them? Who always benefits from all the wars?

Terrorism including 9/11 and Sandy Hook – Are terrorist attacks being carried out by Islamic and homegrown terrorists who hate freedom and wish to do harm to innocent people? Or is someone else behind them?

The United States Patriot Act – Was it really written to combat foreign terrorists? If not, who was its intended target?

The Mainstream News – Do they always tell the truth about what's going on? Or do they lie? If they lie, why do they lie?

Racism, Sexism, Nationalism – Do people naturally hate those who are different, just because of their race, political affiliation, or nationality? Or are people being tricked into thinking this way? And if so, why? Why is the word 'race' used to divide people?

The War on Drugs, Especially Marijuana – Is the War on Drugs to help people and keep everyone safe? Or is there another reason behind it? From where are all the street drugs coming? From where did crack cocaine first originate? And why are dangerous and addicting opioids legal and handed out like candy while safer and more beneficial substances illegal?

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Alcohol vs. Marijuana – Why is alcohol heavily promoted while marijuana is demonized? Why is alcohol also known as ‘spirits’? Why might those in the control system want widespread alcohol use while limiting the use of marijuana? What is the endocannabinoid system and why aren’t people taught about it?

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Coffee and Caffeine - Why are coffee and caffeine so heavily promoted? What is caffeine, where does it come from, and what is its purpose in the plants it comes from? What does ingesting caffeine do to the brain and the ability to think? Link 1, Link 2

The Feminization of Men – Why would those in the control system want men to be feminized? Is it just an accident that food, water, and food packaging now contain gender-bending chemicals? Why might they want to weaken traditional strong families?

Sunglasses - Is wearing sunglasses a good way to protect your eyes and your health? Or, do they come with unintended consequences?

NASA and Other Space Agencies – Did we really go to the moon? Why is NASA nicknamed ‘Never A Straight Answer’, ‘Not A Space Agency’, and ‘No Astronauts Should Apply’? Why might some in the control system want us to believe in this version of reality?

Extraterrestrials – Do they really exist? Why might those in the control system want everyone to believe in them and, more importantly, be fearful of them?

Public Schools – Do government-run schools really teach children everything they need to know? Or are they leaving out critically important information? What are they preparing children for? Why are schools increasingly eliminating art and music programs?

Prisons – Are they really full of evil people who deserve to be locked in a cage? Or are many prisoners there due to some petty law, having never harmed anyone? And why do certain large corporations want to see prisons in the United States remain full?

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Gun Control – Will gun control by governments make the world more peaceful? Or is there a very different agenda behind the laws and rules that restrict and prevent gun ownership?

College/University – Is it really a good investment for everyone? Or has it turned into something that will often do more harm than good?

Operation Paperclip – What was it and why aren't they teaching children about it in school? Were the Nazis ever vanquished? If not, where are they now?

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History – Is what we're taught in school about history really what happened? What might history books be covering up or leaving out?

The Attack Against Pearl Harbor – Was it really a surprise attack? Or were people within the U.S. Government aware beforehand?

Nuclear/Atomic Weapons – Do nuclear weapons actually exist? Or have they been used as a part of a fear-based propaganda campaign?

The Bombs Dropped on Japan in World War II – Did the United States drop the bombs to prevent casualties and ensure victory? If not, what was the real reasoning?

The Confederate Flag – Is it a symbol of racism, hatred, and slavery? Or does it symbolize something very different? Why might they want people to believe it represents something negative?

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Earth Mysteries – Why are there ruins under the ocean in various parts of the world? Why is there evidence of humans living hundreds of millions of years ago when humans supposedly hadn't evolved yet? And why don't we hear about any of these unusual findings in our history or science textbooks, or on TV?

Mainstream Science – Does it really have all the answers? Or should we question what they tell us? What is ‘Scientism’? Are Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson actual scientists? Link

The Theory of Evolution – Does scientific evidence support this theory? If not, why might those in control want people to believe it? Link 1, Link 2 centered image

Humans – Are we really just mounds of flesh that evolved from nothing over billions of years? Does scientific evidence support this theory? If not, why would those in control want people to believe this is what we are?

The Big Bang – Did it really happen? Is that how we all got here? Do explosions typically result in the creation of complex and intricately designed matter? What existed before the Big Bang? And why would those in control want people to believe this theory?

Religion – Do modern-day religions teach us about morality and how to get in touch with the entity they call ‘God’? Do they promote spiritual growth and enlightenment leading to freedom? Or have they been subverted for another purpose?

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The New Age Movement – Will ignoring the negative, while relying on meditation and messages from extraterrestrials and enlightened beings create a better world? Can people simply shift their vibration to a world where there’s no suffering? Or is there a different agenda behind many aspects of the New Age Movement? What important principle of behavior is missing from New Age teachings? Who coined the term “The New Age Movement”? What is “Voice to Skull” technology and what might this technology be used for? Link

Those Long White Trails in the Sky – Are they really just water vapor trails from jet exhaust? Or are they something else? Why are they there?

Global Warming/Climate Change – Is man-made climate change really happening? Or is it a hoax? What is Climate Gate? If Global Warming and Climate Change are hoaxes, why would they want people to believe in them? More information: The Great Climate Con

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Weather – Is all weather natural and random? Or are there now groups that can control and manipulate it? What was Operation Popeye?

Money – Why doesn't our money buy the same amount of goods it did years ago? Why are they trying to eliminate cash and make everyone use credit or debit cards or their phones for payments? What does the word 'money' mean?

Economic Downturns like the Great Depression – Are economic crashes and downturns just a part of the natural ebb and flow of economics? Or have they been planned, orchestrated, and then taken advantage of by certain groups?

Energy – Has no one discovered a better way of obtaining energy than the techniques we’ve been using for over 100 years? Why has our technology advanced a million-fold but the means of energy production has not advanced at all?

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Suppressed Inventions – Who are Nikola Tesla and Stanley Meyer, what do they have in common, and why don’t they teach people about them in school textbooks or on TV?

Fuel Efficiency of Vehicles – Is 50 miles per gallon the best cars can get? Or is that a heavily suppressed number? Link

Cars and Trucks – Where do all the cars and trucks that haven’t been sold go? Why aren’t these offered at a deep discount? Link

Self-Driving Cars and Trucks – Are cars and trucks that can drive themselves a positive technology that will result in safer roads? Or are they part of a different agenda?

Technological Advancements – Are new advancements in technology there to make our lives more enjoyable? Or are they being used against us to increase surveillance and control? And are we provided with the most advanced technologies available? Or are there forces that actively work to prevent us from having technologies that can dramatically improve our lives?

Social Media – Are social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter there to help us connect with each other? Or have they been created for a more nefarious purpose? Around the same time that Facebook began, what program did the U.S. Government shut down?

Culture Changes – Do changes in culture (music, fashion, fads, trends, views about relationships and genders, etc.) occur organically? Or are there certain groups behind them?

Government – Is government really necessary, and is it there to protect and help us? Should we always obey whatever the government tells us to do? Does having a government lead to peace, order, and freedom, or something altogether different? What does the word 'government' mean?

Democrats and Republicans – Are they really different? Or are they just pretending to be enemies to get people to pick a side?

Voting – Does it really accomplish anything? When you vote, what are you actually agreeing to and supporting?

Presidents – Does it really matter who the president is? Or are other groups making all the big decisions? Why has almost every United States president been related to a former English king, and what does this reveal about who currently owns the United States?

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The United States - Is the United States of America even a country? Or is it something altogether different? Did Americans actually win their freedom from the British in the Revolutionary War? Link

Democracy – Is Democracy a good thing? Or is it just a nice-sounding term used by rulers as a path to violence and slavery?

Laws – Are they written to keep everyone civilized and safe? Or is there another reason for them? And should people always obey them?

Anarchy – Is anarchy a state of chaos and violence? Or is it the exact opposite? Why would those in control want people to believe it means chaos and violence?

Petitions – Are they an effective way of creating change? Or are they just pathetic pleas from those whom the leaders see as the slave class, confirming their slave status?

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Drivers’ Licenses and Vehicle Registrations – Do we need permission from the government to travel from one place to another in a vehicle? Link

Traffic Violations – Do police give tickets for traffic violations because they care about everyone’s safety? Or is it done for different reasons, under the guise of keeping people safe?

Taxes – Is taxation by governments moral or immoral? Is paying taxes the right thing to do? Or is it no different than handing money over to a gang or mafia? Does the government have the right to take as much money from people as they like? Are people who refuse to pay taxes good people or bad people? Is the IRS even a legitimate government organization?

Police – Are they really there to protect and serve the people? If not, what is their function? For what purpose were original police hired?

Soldiers – Are they really heroes who protect everyone’s freedoms? Or is that just a story we’re told? For who and what are they really fighting and dying?

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Authorities – Do some people really have the right to hurt other people, if they're told they can, and are wearing costumes called uniforms? Should we always respect and obey authority? Should we teach our children to respect and obey authority? Or does doing so perpetuate our state of slavery?

Birth Certificates – Are birth certificates a good and necessary part of being born in the United States? Or are they being used as part of a different agenda?

Social Security – Was the Social Security System set up to provide a safety net for older Americans? Or was it created for another reason?

Other Social Services Like Welfare – Did the government create the welfare system, food stamps, and other social programs to help the less fortunate? Or was there a different agenda?

Banks and the Money System – Are they really there to keep our savings safe and to make us rich and comfortable? Or are they doing something different?

Smart Meters (Digital Electric Meters), Smart TVs, and other Smart Devices – Are smart devices there to improve everyone’s lives? Or are they part of a different agenda?

Voice Recognition Technology – Are technologies like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Echo and Alexa designed to make people’s lives easier? Or do they have a much more nefarious purpose? And why are there now toys with audio recording capabilities?

HIV, Ebola, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, Coronavirus, etc. – Are these dangerous transmissible diseases and viruses that threaten people's health? Or are they part of a different agenda, one designed to place people in a state of fear, get them to take harmful medications and vaccines, and give up their rights? What is patent #US20120251502A1? Do germs actually exist? Are viruses even what we're told they are? Link

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The Cause of Sickness & Disease - If viruses and germs don't make people sick then what does? And why would those in control want to hide this information from people? Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5, Link 6, Link 7, Link 8, Link 9, Link 10, Link 11, Link 12

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Lyme Disease – Is Lyme Disease a natural disease? If not, from where did it originate?

Microwave Ovens – Are they really safe to use? What are they doing to our food?

So-Called ‘Cell Phone’ Towers – Are so-called cell phone towers actually used to transmit cell phone signals? If not, what might they be for? What are GWEN towers? And what will 5G towers do to people’s health?

Israel – Is it really a poor, innocent, defenseless country, always being attacked by evil Palestinians? Or is that just a story that we're told?

Microchips/RFID Chips – Are they to keep everything and everyone safe and secure? Or are they part of a different agenda?

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California Wildfires – Are they actually burning forests? Or, in some areas, are only homes and vehicles burning while the trees remain unburned? If so, why would this be occurring?

The Feminist Movement – Was it to provide women with the same rights as men? Or was it part of a darker plan?

The U.S. Justice System – Does it handle situations as fairly as possible? Or do certain individuals get away with horrific crimes while others are severely punished for doing nothing wrong?

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The Transgender Movement – Why is there suddenly an aggressive agenda to promote transgenderism, and why is there an agenda to confuse children about their gender identity?

Cannibalism – Why is there an agenda to promote cannibalism?

Child Protective Services (CPS) – Is CPS really in the job of protecting children? Or do they have a different agenda? What did Senator Nancy Schaefer discover about them and what happened to her and her husband as a result?

Inbreeding Among the So-Called Elite – Why do the financially wealthiest families in the world only intermarry?

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars – What is it, who wrote it, and what does it reveal?

The list goes on and on and on…

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For any of the topics above, we should use the 3-step method we learned in the How to Determine Truth section, look at a number of different online sources, and see if we can figure out the truth. While this may seem like a daunting task at first, we can simply select a few topics of interest and begin there. Once we recognize the overall pattern of deception, the truth becomes relatively easy to discern no matter which topic we look at. There is a pattern of deception that will become clear.

But if we want to learn the truth, we must do the investigating ourselves. We absolutely cannot rely on what others tell us.

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If we wish to understand what's really happening in the world, we must invest the time and effort to learn on our own.

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When we decide to invest in discovering the truth, the truth will begin revealing itself to us, almost as if by magic.

Questioning, researching, and thinking for ourselves are critical skills that people absolutely must learn, practice, and pass on to their children.

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This is important because state-run public schools and the mainstream media are actively working to ensure our children do not think for themselves, and never come to understand the truth of what’s happening in the world.

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And censorship is rapidly erasing much of the easily-accessible truth online.

What happens when we've freed our minds and figured out the truth about many of these topics?

  • • We'll begin to put a picture together showing what's really happening on Earth.
  • • We'll gain knowledge about these topics and be able to use that knowledge to our advantage.
  • • We'll be able to recognize lies and those lies will no longer be able to affect us.
  • • We'll be able to defend ourselves against those promoting these lies.
  • • We'll be better at making life decisions and standing up for what's true, good, and right.
  • • We'll be in a position to make positive changes in our lives, the lives of our family members, and others.
  • • We'll be able to help others to see the truth so they can improve their lives.
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Where To Start?

Fortunately, we don't have to start from scratch when we want to learn the truth about our world. There are many independent researchers and independent media organizations who’ve been uncovering and sharing the truth for many years. They've been doing the dirty work, and doing their best to share what they've found with everyone else. Many have risked their lives to bring us the truth, and some have even paid with their lives. They vary in the way they share their information. They may have websites, blogs, articles, books, videos, presentations, or podcasts... or a combination. Below is a short list of some researchers and organizations who I feel have been doing a good job of exposing lies and uncovering truths.

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Please note that this is not a comprehensive list, and that not everyone has all of the answers. People and organizations make mistakes and no one is perfect. So while these sources have a good track record, that doesn't mean that everything they say or report is true. Again, we need to use our own brain and our own intelligence to decide between truth and falsehood with every single piece of information that we read, see, and hear. We should never rely on just one source; we should look at a number of different sources to get a wider view of the information.

While it’s easy to only pay attention to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, the owners of these services are now implementing heavy-handed censorship to prevent people from learning the truth. So, in many cases, to avoid censorship and get to the truth, we'll need to go to alternative media platforms, or directly to the blogs and websites of these and other researchers and, if available, sign up for their email lists or newsletters.

This is only a small sampling. There are many more brave individuals and groups doing their best to report the truth in a world drowning in lies.

One site that lists a great number of links to various truth and freedom websites is We Are The New Media.

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The One Great Work Network is a collective of conscious individuals sharing critically important messages of truth and freedom.

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The One Great Work Network


In my opinion, the following two interviews are good starting points for those who wish to begin their journey down the path of truth discovery:

David Icke - The Global Spiritual Awakening of Humanity

Alan Watt - Cutting Through The Matrix

The True World History website contains a number of important documentaries.

True World History

But to gain the clearest and deepest understanding of why our world is descending into a hell-like state, and what we must do to stop it, Mark Passio's What On Earth Is Happening podcasts are absolutely essential.

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What On Earth Is Happening

Seekers of knowledge need to begin with Episode 1 of the WOEIH Podcast, as each episode builds upon the knowledge shared in previous episodes.

The WOEIH Podcast Series

When we do our own research, and compare our findings with others who are doing and sharing their independent research, we'll discover that our findings will match, and we'll come to the disturbing conclusion that practically everything we've been taught has been false.

"When you actually learn how to read and study and research and question, all of a sudden you begin to see everything falling apart in front of you. The more educated you become, the more everything becomes obviously a lie."

-Jordan Maxwell

Those labeled as crazy and promoting conspiracy theories are the ones telling the truth. And those presented as trustworthy in the mainstream are nothing but liars, protecting the thieves, rapists, and murderers who run our world.

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Practically everything we’re told is a lie. Practically nothing we’re told is the truth. This will be difficult for most to accept. People want to believe we live in a relatively peaceful, righteous world. They don’t want to believe that they’ve been fooled and that we all live in a world controlled by criminals.

"Nothing works the way you think it does. Your history books are fictitious. This place isn't what you think it is and the people ruling you aren't who they say they are."

-Jason Christoff

Rejecting the lies, thinking for ourselves, and learning the truth are prerequisite steps for improving our situation, both individually and collectively.

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