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    Staying healthy is easy when you avoid government-promoted poisons, exercise, and get the nutrition you need through a healthy diet. What follows are some additional tips, guidelines, and therapies that can help promote and maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul.

    Note: Before making any changes to your diet or routine, please do your own research and understand that you are 100% responsible for any decisions you choose to make. By continuing, you agree that you've read and agree with the disclaimer.

  • Start Healing Your Inner-Self - Visit the Healing Ourselves page to learn how to begin transforming your life from the inside out. Learn various methods by which you can reprogram your subconscious so that you become the healthiest, strongest, happiest version of yourself.

  • Protect Your Health - Click here for a list of over 50 recommendations for avoiding poisons and other threats to your health, courtesy of Jason Christoff. And learn how to recognize and avoid GMOs and glyphosate (Roundup) by clicking here.

  • Take Off The Mask - Being able to breathe fresh air with each and every breath is essential for staying healthy, preventing infections, and providing your brain and body with the oxygen it needs. Masks do nothing but harm the body, and promote disease. For more information, click here, here, and here.

  • Spend Time With Friends And Family - One of the goals of the pandemic agenda is to destroy person-to-person contact, communication, and loving bonds, while promoting depression, loneliness, and despair. Do not allow them to do this to you. Make the choice to see and be close to those you care about. Spending time with friends, family members, and others you care about, in person, will uplift your spirits, and benefit your overall health, as well as theirs. Click here to learn more.

  • Listen To Positive/Uplifting/Inspiring Music - Studies have shown that certain types of music can have profound impacts on the health and well-being of listeners. For example, music can help with memory problems, depression, anxiety, and pain. For more information, click here.

  • Meditation and Mindfulness - Meditation and mindfulness can both produce immense physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. To learn more, click here to learn about meditation and here to learn about mindfulness.

  • Yoga - Yoga is a practice similar to meditation, providing similar health benefits, while also incorporating focused breathing, movements, and poses. Click here to learn about the benefits, and here for guides and other helpful information.

  • Herbal Medicine - Herbal medicine is nature's original medicine, used effectively for thousands of years until chemical companies sought to banish it to the realm of unproven alternatives, in favor of their own toxic concoctions. To learn more, click here for an introduction, and click here for a book on the subject.

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, sometimes referred to as "Tapping", are simple and easy-to-learn techniques that can dramatically improve or even completely eliminate a vast array of health, emotional, and mental issues. To learn more, click here for an introductory video, here to learn the basic steps, and here to learn more.

  • Earthing/Grounding - Earthing or Grounding is making a physical connection with the ground of the Earth, either by walking barefoot on natural ground, or making a connection with a wired device. Earthing can have profound impacts on one's health, and can help cure a long list of maladies. To learn more, click here to watch a documentary trailer, and here to watch the full documentary.

  • Rebounding - Rebounding is bouncing on a miniature trampoline, which has been found to provide a number of different health benefits. To learn more, click here.

  • Breath Therapy - Breath Therapy or Breathwork can have a profound impact on mental and emotional well-being, healing, and overall health. To learn more, click here.

  • Drum Therapy - Drum Therapy taps into ancestral knowledge and can help with stress, anxiety, asthma, addictions, and a number of other conditions. To learn more, click here for an introduction, and here to learn more.

  • Sound Frequency Healing / Solfeggio Frequencies - It's been scientifically shown that certain frequencies and vibrations emit healing tones, and can help with a variety of conditions, including depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer's disease. To learn more, click here and here.

  • Sunlight Therapy - Scientific studies have shown immense benefits to sun exposure, from improved mood, to protection from cancer, to rapid wound healing. And ditch the sunglasses as safe sunlight exposure to the eyes is also important to one's health. To learn more, click here, here, and here.

  • Gardening Therapy - Therapeutic gardens offer another way to get in touch with nature, and can promote healing and overall well-being. In fact, garden soil contains microbes which have been shown to help with depression. And gardeners can boost their health even further by eating their own organic, homegrown fruits and vegetables. To learn more, click here and here.

  • Feldenkrais Therapy - Feldenkrais is a unique type of mindfulness therapy that incorporates gentle movements and directed attention which can help improve flexibility, posture, pain, neurological disorders, developmental disorders, and more. Click here to learn more.

  • Visit The Beach - Spending even short amounts of time at the beach provides a number of health benefits. To learn more, click here.

  • Learn Self-Healing From Experts In The Field - Whether you're suffering physically, mentally, or emotionally, there are a number of doctors who've broken out of the mainstream medical system to teach people methods of self-healing that go far beyond what so-called traditional medicine has to offer. Some of these include Dr. Kim D'Aremo (link 1, link 2), Dr. John Bergman (link), Dr. Clive De Carle (link), Dr. Bruce Lipton (link), Dr. Joe Dispenza (link), and Dr. Andrew Kaufman (link). And while not a medical doctor, Jason Christoff has a tremendous amount of health knowledge, and can teach you how to reprogram your subconscious so that you become happy, healthy, and strong. Click here to visit Jason's website and here to access his podcasts.


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