The Solution - Part 4: Developing What It Takes

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Reality is built out of our collective actions. When our actions are based on ignorance, disinformation, and low consciousness, the result is a world of chaos, suffering, and slavery.

When our actions are based on knowledge, truth, and high consciousness, the result is a world of order, happiness, and freedom.

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Take one individual. He or she isn’t willing to do the right thing, isn’t willing to speak out against injustices, isn’t willing to stand up for others, or even himself or herself. Multiply this by several billion, add in groups who work to perpetuate this situation, and the result is our world of slavery and suffering.

The solution to creating a positive reality has always been the same. It involves examining our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and aligning them with truth, care, and compassion. When done on a large enough scale, our world will change for the better, instantly.

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This is how we end all human-induced suffering, and how we end our slavery.

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We can refuse to look at ourselves and our actions and continue down the path toward ever-greater suffering.

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Or, we can look in the mirror and begin making changes in our lives, changes that will result in not only our freedom, but freedom for living beings everywhere.

It’s not that hard to figure out.

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Choosing to elevate our consciousness is the answer.

People who refuse to live in harmony with morality and Natural Law will produce a world of suffering and slavery, with a Satanic system and a never-ending turnstile of corrupt leaders and groups who manipulate, abuse, and murder others. People who understand and live in harmony with morality and Natural Law will destroy that system, marginalize or even completely eliminate those leaders and groups, and ultimately produce a world of happiness and freedom for everyone.

Qualities of individuals who help contribute to our world of slavery include:

  • • Willful ignorance – refusal to investigate claims
  • • Beliefs that are not true
  • • Trusting all authorities
  • • Getting and blindly trusting information from mainstream news sources
  • • Lacking knowledge of self – believing that they’re just animals competing against one another
  • • Believing that things are OK the way they currently are, or that things will never change
  • • Eating a low quality, poisonous diet
  • • Serving oneself to the exclusion of others – having a distorted view of what’s important and valuable
  • • Not understanding morality, Natural Law, or the rights of living beings
  • • Not understanding the truth of sovereignty (self-ownership)
  • • Victim of the divide and conquer mind control technique
  • • Believing that authority and government are legitimate and their absence would result in chaos and violence
  • • Believing that a different set of leaders gives us the best chance for creating change
  • • Not understanding that each of us is responsible for creating change
  • • Behaving in an imbalanced, immoral way (by harming others and/or allowing themselves to be harmed)
  • • Taking advantage of and/or supporting those who take advantage of innocent beings who cannot defend themselves (innocent people, babies, children, the unborn, and animals)

People with these qualities help manifest a world of violence, suffering, and slavery.


Qualities of individuals who are resisting and attempting to build a better world for humanity include:

  • • Willful seeking of knowledge
  • • Understanding of truth
  • • Doing independent research to verify information – not blindly trusting authorities
  • • Getting information from independent, uncorrupted sources
  • • Having knowledge of self – understanding that we are more than just animals
  • • Understanding that things are not OK the way they currently are, and that things can be and should be changed
  • • Eating a high quality, health-promoting diet
  • • Serving others in balance with serving themselves – having a clear understanding of what’s important and valuable
  • • Understanding morality, Natural Law, and the rights of living beings
  • • Understanding the truth of sovereignty (self-ownership)
  • • Refusing to be a victim of the divide and conquer mind control technique
  • • Understanding that authority and government are inherently illegitimate, immoral, and cannot be anything other than purveyors of violence and slavery
  • • Understanding that a different set of leaders will never create any significant positive change
  • • Understanding that each of us is responsible for creating change
  • • Behaving in a balanced, moral way (by not harming others and not allowing themselves to be harmed)
  • • Defending those who cannot defend themselves (innocent people, babies, children, the unborn, and animals)

People with these qualities help manifest a world of peace, order, and freedom.

There are groups working night and day to ensure that most people never make that jump in consciousness, as they would lose their positions high atop the power hierarchy, and humanity would become free. They know that only a people trapped in a state of low consciousness can be ruled, dominated, and will willingly remain as slaves.


Ultimate Personal Responsibility

As discussed in the Authority, Order-Followers and Personal Responsibility section, personal responsibility is understanding that we are always responsible for our actions, and that it is our job to ALWAYS choose right over wrong. But there is another facet to personal responsibility that we must master if we wish to change our path: we must reclaim our responsibility with regard to all aspects of our lives. I call this ultimate personal responsibility.

Taking the reigns back from those who wish to manipulate, control, and harm means changing from...

  • Health - “I don't need to be responsible for my health; I'll just let my doctors and the news tell me what to do” to... “I am responsible for my health and well-being, and I’m going to do my own research, and not just blindly listen to doctors, the television news, and other so-called health authorities.”
  • Food - “I don't need to be responsible for what I eat; I'll just assume that if it’s on the shelf or sold in restaurants or vending machines, it’s OK to eat” to… “I am responsible for deciding what I eat, and I’m going to make the conscious choice to educate myself and then eat foods that will build me up, rather than drag me down.”
  • Information - “I don't need to be responsible for learning about what's going on in the world; I'll just let mainstream news on television, online, and in newspapers tell me what's happening” to… “I’m going to question everything I hear, read, and see, and seek out independent sources of news and information, and then use my own discernment to figure out what’s happening.”
  • Knowledge of Self - “I don't need to be responsible for learning where we are, who I am, or where I came from; I'll just let scientists or religious leaders do that for me” to… “I am responsible for learning about myself and I’m not going to let others tell me where we are, who I am, or where I came from.”
  • Education - “I don't need to teach myself anything; I'll just let school, college, and mainstream outlets take care of that” to… “I am responsible for learning and will not rely solely on school, college, mainstream outlets, or other sources that teach limited and distorted views of the world.”
  • Safety - “I don't need to be able to protect myself or my family; I'll just let the police or government handle that for me” to… “I am responsible for my own safety and the safety of my family at all times.”
  • World Problems such as needless suffering, homelessness, child abuse, war, etc. - “I don't need to be concerned with fixing anything in the world; I'll just vote and let politicians, government, and other humanitarian groups take care of that” to… “I am willing to take action personally to help solve problems in the world.”
  • Actions “I don’t need to be responsible for my actions; I’ll just let my boss or the law dictate what I should or should not do” to “I am always responsible for my actions and will not allow anyone to tell me what to do without deciding for myself whether or not to take that action.”
  • Children - “I don’t need to be responsible for my children’s health, education, safety, or well-being; I’ll just let others (government, school, television, etc.) take care of all those things” to… “I am responsible for my children’s health, education, safety, and well-being, and it is my job to teach them to become responsible as well.”

When we hand over our responsibility, we end up not growing as human beings. We are then deceived, victimized, and placed in boxes of limitation.

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Within these boxes, we are dumbed-down, poisoned, controlled, and easily manipulated. Our power is literally stolen from us.

"When you're born and you live here, you have a certain responsibility to learn and to be aware of what's going on, and if you don't, there are lots of predators, sociopaths, and psychopaths (they're almost all in government), who will just destroy you as much as possible."

-Jeff Berwick

Escaping these boxes of limitation requires that we think for ourselves, educate ourselves, and take back control of our lives.

What else do we need to develop in order to change our world?



Compassion is kindness, care, and a willingness to help others, especially those who may be suffering. What other word is hidden within the word ‘compassion’?


What’s a compass? It’s a tool that helps us find our way. It helps us determine our direction. It helps to guide us. The hidden message here is that we should be using compassion to guide our actions. This is our moral compass.

It will always guide us to do the right thing.

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If we’re acting with kindness, care, and helping others who need help, then we’re being compassionate, and we’re following the path of truth. We’re not being misled by those who wish to deceive and manipulate us into being something other than what we are meant to be.

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"There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up."

-Bernard Meltzer

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True Care

What we choose to care about is the ultimate generator of our experience in life. When we have true care, we care about all sentient lifeforms, and we treat others the way we would want to be treated. It means we care enough to stand up to evil and do what's right, in every situation, no matter what.

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When we have true care, we help those who are suffering. We speak for those who cannot speak. We stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. We do anything we can to destroy lies, wrongdoings, and injustices. We do anything we can to help our fellow brothers and sisters, and our little brothers and sisters: animals.

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True care is heart-based intelligence. It means caring about things that really matter. People. Animals. Life. Each other.

True care has been mostly suppressed in those who worship money, their careers, their country, and their possessions. While much of the harm in our world is committed by police, the military, and other government agencies, people in all different careers are also casting aside care, and contributing to an increasingly evil world. For example:

  • • People working in science making chemicals used to kill innocent people
  • • People working in engineering making bombs used to kill innocent people
  • • People working for meat companies supporting the abuse and murder of animals
  • • People working for chemical and science companies abusing animals by testing on them
  • • People working in banking and financial institutions supporting the theft of people's wealth
  • • People working for pharmaceutical companies making and promoting drugs and vaccines that cause injury, disease, and death
  • • People working in hospitals recommending and administering drugs, vaccines, and other treatments that cause injury, disease, and death
  • • People working for advertising companies promoting harmful products or other enterprises that cause suffering and death
  • • People working in the mainstream news industry, spewing lies that result in endless ignorance, suffering, disease, and death
  • • People working for the legal system supporting the laws that wrongfully imprison peaceful, non-violent people
  • • People working for the IRS and other tax agencies around the world supporting the immoral theft of people’s wealth and freedom
  • • People working in state-run schools brainwashing the children with government and social engineering propaganda
  • • People working for the government or government-connected companies or agencies in any capacity whatsoever, contributing to government’s blatant and egregious violations of rights and freedoms
  • • People working for big tech companies like Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, censoring truthful information that contradicts the mainstream propaganda lies

And on and on and on... People all over the world are choosing to ignore the impact they and their employers are having, just for a paycheck. They’re not acting with true care, and they're helping to make the world a living hell for all of us.

In order to change the tide of our world, it’s imperative that we begin examining what we’re contributing to in our jobs and careers. In what are we investing with our time, energy, and talents? What is the impact of our labor? Are we helping to make the world a better place or a worse place?

Right Livelihood is a concept in the teachings of Buddhism, whereby one must examine his or her job and career and determine the morality of his or her contribution to the world.

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Since both industry and consciousness have been largely corrupted, most people are working in jobs that directly or indirectly cause harm to others, and are helping to form the bars of our prison.

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In one of his presentations, David Icke passionately asked the crowd:

"What are you doing, you people in science, developing every day more efficient ways of killing and poisoning your fellow humanity? What are you doing? You have children! You have grandchildren! You are destroying their world! Look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren and tell them you can justify that! Why are you doing it? Because of ME, ME, ME! MY job! MY money! MY career! What about your HUMANITY?”

But most look the other way, in order to keep getting that all-important paycheck.

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As long as we continue to allow the ruling class to be successful at destroying our care for each other, and we continue to do the wrong thing, they will remain as our rulers, and we will remain as slaves.


True Courage


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Most people are controlled into acting a certain way due to fear. Fear of what others might think of them. Fear of what others might say. Fear of being punished. Fear of retaliation. Fear of authority. Fear of losing money or material possessions. But when we develop true courage, we do the right thing, in spite of any fears we face. In this state, we can no longer be controlled. We become free, and we become powerful.

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When we have true courage...

  • • We don't care what other people think; we're going to do the right thing regardless.
  • • We don't care what other people say; we're going to do the right thing regardless.
  • • We don't care if we get yelled at; we're going to do the right thing regardless.
  • • We don't care if we break a law; we're going to do the right thing regardless.
  • • We don’t care if we’re branded as unpatriotic or a terrorist; we’re going to do the right thing regardless.
  • • We don't care if others threaten to hurt us or to fire us or throw us in jail; we're going to do the right thing regardless.

It is this level of courage that's required if we wish to see any significant positive changes in our world.

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Unfortunately, true courage is lacking in humanity which, as a whole, has been conditioned to be afraid to speak up, stand up, and do what’s right.

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The result of cowardice is a failure to speak and a failure to act, both of which are symptoms of spiritual death.

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Some have been courageous...

… but many more are needed.

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The final piece needed for us to move into a position to create real, lasting change is to develop and strengthen our willpower.

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Willpower is having the ability to take difficult action.

  • • Standing up for ourselves is often difficult.
  • • Standing up for others is often difficult.
  • • Speaking the truth, when most people will react poorly, is often difficult.
  • • Defending ourselves from harm is often difficult.
  • • Defending others from harm is often difficult.
  • • Taking action to expose and destroy ignorance, lies, and wrongdoings is often difficult.

When we know something will be difficult, but we do it anyway because it's the right thing to do, we have developed our willpower.

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Becoming truly balanced means combining true care with the courage and willpower to take righteous actions based on that care. Once one achieves this state, they are combining the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine aspects of themselves:

The Sacred Feminine = True Care Combined with Compassion and Truth

The Sacred Masculine = Taking Righteous Actions Based on that Care, Compassion, and Truth

All genders possess both sacred aspects, and must cultivate and balance them in mind, heart, and action. It is the key to becoming free.


Who are some heroes, people who developed true care, courage, and willpower, and who stood up to the control system by doing the right thing, in spite of the consequences?

Kristen Meghan – Kristen spoke out against toxic chemicals that she suspected were being sprayed in the air by the U.S. Military. She was fired from her job and threatened, but spoke out anyway.

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Ted Gunderson – Ted Gunderson was a former FBI chief who spoke out against the criminal groups that have taken over the United States and are running a massive child trafficking ring. He was attacked and ridiculed for doing so but he perservered. Now his books, presentations, and legend will live on forever.

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield – Dr. Wakefield helped expose scientific fraud associated with vaccines and was viciously attacked by the mainstream medical industry as a result. His mainstream career was destroyed, but he did the right thing, and has given people a chance to protect themselves and their children from disease and death. Many thousands if not millions of children will escape certain injury and death in part because of his choice to do the right thing.

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Amber Lyon – Amber was a journalist for CNN until she spilled the beans by revealing to people that she and her company were paid to lie by the U.S. Government (and other governments). She lost her job but did the right thing. Due to her bravery, she helped people see that the mainstream news isn't telling anyone the truth. On one of her websites is a quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich: “Well-behaved women seldom make history.

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Arnold Abbott– Arnold fed the homeless, in spite of it being illegal and being arrested on multiple occasions. He did the right thing by ignoring an immoral law in his community, and has inspired countless others to do the same.

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Young Israeli Military Objectors – In Israel, the youth are told they must serve in the military, but a small number of young Israelis have recently started refusing. These youth understand morality, their rights, and the truth that committing violence against others is wrong. As a result of their refusals, they're being sent to jail, but they don't care. Wrong is wrong and they're willing to sit in jail to stand up for what they know is right.

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Dr. Andrew Kaufman – Dr. Andrew Kaufman risked his career and his life by choosing to speak out against the Coronavirus Pandemic Scam. Dr. Kaufman was attacked by those within his industry and fired from his job, but he continues forward in an effort to get the truth out to as many people as possible. He is a hero in the truest sense of the word, fighting for humanity's future.

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This is just a small sampling. Awakened people all over the world are being courageous, honest, and doing the right thing, in spite of any consequences they may face.

But these people are few and far between. It is this level of commitment, and this level of action that's needed from many more people if we wish to ultimately defeat the control system and become free. Many more people need to make the choice to do what's right.

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By combining knowledge of truth with true care, courage, and willpower, each of us can become powerful, and begin shifting the tide of our world.

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