The COVID Pandemic Scam: The Highway to Tyranny and Genocide

Warning: This section contains some adult language and violence.

Note: This is a very brief summary of the COVID pandemic scam, and it only touches upon some of the main points. Other researchers have done a much better job at compiling and presenting the data that exposes the pandemic as fraud, and shows where all this is leading us. This section was created in 2020, and so some of the information is now dated. For more up-to-date COVID information, please visit the COVID Resources page, and my Odysee channel.

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Late in 2019, the ruling class and other psychopaths within the management levels of the control system decided to pull off what will likely go down as the greatest and most harmful hoax in human history.

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A psyop is short for a psychological operation. In other words, a mind control operation.

They convinced the vast majority of people that a dangerous virus was on the loose, and the entire world had to react as a result. Convincing the world of such a story was quite easy.

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As stated in earlier sections, fear is the number one ingredient used by corrupt rulers to manipulate, poison, and destroy those beneath them, and they're using it once again with this fake pandemic.

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They pulled off the same type of stunt in the late 1910s, with the Spanish Flu, which was neither Spanish nor a flu. It was genocide by vaccine (Link 1 & Link 2), carried out by the same families who are behind the current COVID scam. The same tragic outcome will occur today if people continue to fall for this increasingly deadly hoax.

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Notice anything familiar?

How did they convince the masses to wear masks, self-isolate, and socially distance, when none of those actions is shown to be of any use according to science, and there's not a shred of scientific evidence that there's even a virus that's killing people? The answer is mind control.

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Most people blindly believe what they're told by those on television and in government. They never even consider that they could be buying a lie or, in this case, a long list of lies. They believe that the smiling newscasters on television would never lie to them. They believe that the government is on their side, and actually cares about protecting them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Most have also formed their beliefs about viruses, germs, and disease from propaganda, rather than science.

The end goal of the pandemic operation is a complete restructuring of society, ultimately resulting in tyranny and genocide. Those in control are in the process of creating their dark New World Order, a reality tailored to cater to themselves, the most evil and self-serving individuals on Earth, while everyone else suffers, and millions, if not billions, die. To the rulers of our world, now is what they call 'harvest time', only they won't be harvesting wheat, but rather human energy through mass suffering and death.

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Under normal circumstances, people would never give up their right to assemble, their right to practice religion, their right to travel freely, or their right to conduct business to make money to feed their families. But when placed in a state of fear, people retreat into a child-like mental and emotional state, willingly give up their rights, and look for mommy and daddy to take care of them. In this case, mommy and daddy are government and the control system, both of which had been happily waiting to take advantage of the situation, since they were the ones who created it.

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The 10 Lanes of Lies on the Highway to Genocide

In order to convince the masses that we must drastically change our way of life to deal with this so-called 'dangerous virus', they had to lay a foundation of supporting lies first. As Jason Christoff has explained, this can be likened to a 10-lane highway. The end goal of the manipulators is to get as many people as possible from Lane 1, representing freedom and an understanding of true science and morality, over to Lane 10, representing complete ignorance and the willful acceptance of government tyranny and genocide. Each higher-numbered lane represents another layer of lies that builds upon the lies of the previous lane. Once people have been forced into Lane 10, there will be no escape. Tyranny and genocide will be the result. Moving people from lane to lane must be done slowly, as most will not simply submit to tyranny and genocide. The erosion of their freedoms and liberties is done slowly, over a number of years, until it's too late.

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In our current situation, Lane 2 is the lie that viruses exist. Viruses, as they're described by mainstream medicine, have never been scientifically proven to exist. (Link) But since people have formed their beliefs based on what they've learned in corrupted schools, from corrupted or ignorant medical professionals, from what they've seen on television shows, and in Hollywood movies, they're going to almost invariably fall for this lie. Getting people into Lane 2 has been easy, and was accomplished years ago.

Lane 3 is the lie that viruses cause disease. Again, there is no scientific evidence supporting the theory that viruses cause disease. (Link 1, Link 2) This lie has been easy to spread, as it goes hand-in-hand with the lie sold in Lane 2.

Lane 4 is the lie that viruses can spread from person to person, and therefore disease can spread from person to person. Once again, there is no scientific evidence that supports this theory. In fact, there is no scientific evidence that a sick person can even make a healthy person sick. (Link 1, Link 2) Most have already fallen for this lie.

Lane 5 is the lie that there is a dangerous virus called COVID-19 spreading throughout populations and killing people as it spreads. Killer virus movies made in Hollywood, along with other predictive programming have been key tactics used to get people to believe this lie. But there is no scientific evidence that there is a virus that has killed anyone. (Link)

Lane 6 is the lie that actions such as shutting down the economy, mandating masks, self-isolating, hand-washing, and social distancing will help prevent the virus from spreading. In spite of science conclusively proving that none of this is true, people have fallen for this series of lies as well, and are more than willing to obey, believing their actions will help both themselves as well as others. People's obedience to authority (hammered into them by state-run schools) and the propaganda that perceived safety is more important than freedom has made it easy to force people into this sixth lane of disinformation.

Lane 7 is the lie that contact tracing will be needed to keep track of those infected with the virus. COVID-19 contact tracing applications have already been installed on Apple and Android phones without anyone's consent, and the infrastructure to allow for this type of tracking and tracing is being moved into place all over the world.

Lane 8 will be the lie that in order to prevent the spread of the virus, everyone will need to present electronic proof of health or immunity. In some countries a COVI-PASS is already needed to travel and operate in society.

Lane 9 will be the lie that we need a mandatory COVID vaccine, along with mandatory COVID microchipping or bio-identification. Both will likely be required for those who wish to continue to participate in society. Since vaccines are completely fraudulent, and do nothing but cause disease and death, it's likely that they already have the vaccine concoction ready to go, and may be tweaking it to maximize the amount of biological damage it will cause.

Lane 10 will be the lie that drastic measures need to be taken to corral the virus, measures that will result in the death or sterilization of those who receive the vaccine, government prisons for those who refuse to consent or speak out in an effort to warn the masses, and a hell world for those who remain. Most of those who remain will die due to food shortages caused by the intentional stoppage of supply chains which will be blamed on "the virus". The prisons for those who will not comply with the coming rules have already been built, disguised as FEMA camps in the United States, and those working at these prisons are patiently waiting for inmates. At this rate, they may not have much longer to wait.

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This is how the ruling class will achieve their goal of eliminating 95% of the world's population, while placing the remaining few in a hell-like state of existence.

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And, so far, most people are more than willing to go along with it. The following quote from Ian Williams Goddard bears repeating.

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On the road to genocide, we will lose our privacy, rights, and freedoms, one by one, under the guise of safety, and by way of falling for feel-good slogans like "We're all in this together!", "Do your part!", "Stay home!", and "Save lives! Wear a mask!", along with recommendations to snitch on those who are not obeying their masters' commands.

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As of July 2020, there has been practically no resistance from the people, save for a few pockets of awakened and aware individuals here and there. Those who devised this scam are mostly certainly laughing at how easy it was to fool the masses into literally demanding their own enslavement.

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People are willingly wearing masks, and even forcing their young children to wear masks, in spite of the fact that masks cause brain damage and other health problems, and in spite of the truth that mandatory mask rules are violations of our rights.

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People are willingly self-isolating, driving themselves into states of depression, desperation, and despair. Suicide rates are skyrocketing. Children are telling their parents they have nothing to look forward to, and no reason to live. Joblessness rates are skyrocketing. People are willingly closing down their businesses, effectively putting an end to their life work, as well as their ability to feed themselves and their families. Homelessness and starvation are exploding and about to get many times worse.

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Millions are now relying on government handouts, which will be used as leverage to get those individuals to take the vaccine, and comply with other end-stage goals. And at any moment, these handouts could be cut in half, or end altogether, and millions would be left without any way to survive.

The governments' actions in response to the so-called pandemic will end up killing many millions more than the imaginary virus ever would, and this is a point those in the mainstream will never admit.

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People are willingly social distancing, which is doing nothing but rewiring human behavior to be full of fear, and to be fearful of one other. This will cause a permanent change in the way people interact if we allow it to continue for much longer. As Deborah Tavares of stated, humanity was about to be reshaped into something very non-human.

"We have a demonic force that is taking over humanity, redesigning us, creating something else other than what it is to be human... There is no prior period of change that remotely resembles what humanity is about to experience."

-Deborah Tavares

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This reshaping process to destroy our humanity and turn us into something very non-human is fully underway.

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The Meaning and Purpose of the Masks

While the masks may seem harmless enough, they are a stepping stone to allow for additional levels of restrictions, control, and slavery that will be implemented in the near future. By wearing masks, we are signaling to those in control that we are ready and willing to give up additional rights, freedoms, and privacy.

Mandatory masks have traditionally been used by slave owners to remove the voices of and indicate ownership of slaves.

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Science has conclusively proven that masks are 100% ineffective at preventing the transmission of any disease or virus, real or imaginary.

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"Masks and respirators do not work."

-Denis G. Rancourt, PhD

Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to COVID-19 Social Policy


Fraud and deceit have been used to sell the idea of masks.

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Masks limit people's ability to speak and interact, erasing their emotions and expressions, preventing them from smiling and seeing the smiles of others. Masks turn people into silent, emotionless nobodies. Walking zombies.

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Some mask wearers are so brainwashed, they will attack and criticize those who are not wearing masks, accusing them of putting everyone's lives in danger. This is mind control at its best, convincing the slaves to keep other slaves in line, under the guise of maintaining safety. Hitler would be proud, if he were still alive.

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Turning in others and "mask shaming" will allow for the accelerated destruction of our remaining rights and freedoms.

"The same strategy will be used to label you a "selfish threat" to the public health if you don't agree to be electronically tagged, tested and tracked by health officials when thousands of COVID-19 "contact tracers" fan out across America to test for COVID-19 infections. It is the same strategy that will be used when you are told you must get an antibody test and obtain an "immunity passport" before you are given back your freedom to participate in society - that is until a fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine is licensed and your passport to life and liberty becomes proof you have received a COVID-19 vaccine - perhaps simultaneously delivered and tracked via a microneedle quantum dot tattoo on your skin."

-Dr. Joseph Mercola

Masks are also harmful to one's health. They cause wearers to inhale their own waste, which can lead to hypoxia, hypercapnia, increased risk of blood clots, unhealthy blood pH levels, brain damage, lung cancer, and other health problems. Mouths are meant to be free of blockages, just like car air intakes and exhaust pipes. Plugging up your car's air intake and exhaust pipe and expecting it to run normally would be a symptom of insanity.

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Dr. Vernon Coleman: Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good

Masks Harm Kids: 68% of Parents Report Alarming Psychological and Physical Problems In First-of-its-kind Study

47 Studies Confirm Ineffectiveness of Masks for COVID and 32 More Confirm Their Negative Health Effects

Demo of How Masks Do More Harm Than Good

Those who are orchestrating this scam know exactly what the masks are meant to do. They are first and foremost a psychological attack against humanity.

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In addition to making people sick, keeping them in a state of fear, erasing their social interactions with others, and signifying their willingness to hand over their freedoms, masks are also part of a Satanic ritual called Mocking The Victim, during which victims are convinced to adorn articles of clothing that they believe to be helpful or honorable, but are actually pointless and sometimes even harmful. Masks demonstrate our ignorance, plus our willingness to bow down to what is becoming an increasingly aggressive tyrannical state.

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Masks also train people to be fearful of one another, and convince them that each and every person could be, and likely is carrying a potentially deadly disease. This reinforces the pandemic propaganda, and convinces people that THEY are the problem. With this mass infection idea sold to the masses, they're one step away from selling genocide, "for the good of society".

For more information on the mask agenda, please listen to the following podcast by Jason Christoff (contains some adult language):

The Psychology of Freedom · Podcast #38 Jason Christoff - Mind Control, Masks and The "DO NOT SPEAK" Agenda


Other Recommendations/Rules for "Staying Healthy" and "Helping To Stop The Spread"

Masks aren't the only recommendation that leads to health problems.

• Frequent Hand-Washing does nothing but dries out the hands, increasing the chance of local infection. And when washing with municipal tap water, poisons like chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride are quickly absorbed into the skin, and make their way into the bloodstream.

• Hand Sanitizers are poisonous, as alcohol and other toxic ingredients like Triclosan are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

• Staying Indoors, Out of the Sun, and Avoiding Fresh Air will do nothing but depress the immune system, and drop vitamin D to dangerously low levels, which can lead to a long list of health problems.

• And Self-Isolating, Social Distancing, Combined with Mask Wearing will further depress the immune system, as it needs to encounter a consistent and varied supply of bacteria in order to remain healthy.


Many of the rules and regulations being imposed have been identified as acts of torture, having been taken directly from official psychological torture operation manuals.

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Amazing Polly - Is This Torture?

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The pandemic has also conveniently allowed the ruling class to make progress toward another goal that it has long desired: the banning of cash, which it claims might be contaminated with 'the virus', another absurd claim that has no scientific backing. Once they've achieved a cashless society, the ruling class will gain ultimate control over the people. A number of businesses have already began refusing to accept cash, and the list is growing. If this trend continues, it will be another easy victory for those who wish to see a world of oppressive slavery controlled by a financially wealthy few.

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The Foundation of the Scam - The COVID Test

The test being used to determine COVID infection - the PCR Test - is not an actual test that can determine so-called 'viral infections'. The test's own inventor, Kary Mullis, even stated that it should not be used as a diagnostic test, as it's completely ineffective and inaccurate.

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Jon Rappoport exposed the testing as flawed and useless back in April.

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Others have come to the same conclusion.

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless

The COVID Test Doesn't Test For COVID

Dr. Fauci Concedes Most COVID-19 Positive Tests Are False

Because the test is useless/fraudulent, this means all the statistics that we're being given are fraudulent. None of the infection counts, death counts, or any of the other counts is based on science or truth.

The entire pandemic is based on nothing but pseudoscience, lies, and propaganda.

It is true that people are dying, but people die all the time. Those who are dying are the elderly at the ends of their lives, along with the immunocompromised, most of whom are sick due to years of toxic foods, toxic medicines, toxic vaccines, and other government-promoted poisons. There is also evidence that many elderly patients have died due to circumstances caused by the lockdown itself, while others have been intentionally murdered. (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3)

In order to create the illusion that thousands and even millions are dying, causes of deaths on death certificates are being forged, and deaths from all causes are being re-categorized as "deaths from COVID".

"If you look at, for example, the overall all-cause mortality on the CDC website, what you see is, this year [2020], there are 6% less deaths overall than last year, given the same time frame. So this suggests that there's no new cause of mortality since the overall death rate is essentially the same or slightly reduced...

"They are essentially just re-labeling people dying of other causes as dying of COVID-19, and this serves the purpose to inflate the numbers of deaths directly attributable to COVID-19...

"People's deaths are being relabeled as COVID-19 but there's no evidence of any increased number of deaths or any new cause of death."

-Dr. Andrew Kaufman

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Total U.S. Deaths (All Causes) per the CDC

More recently, researchers at Johns Hopkins came to the same conclusion, stating that the pandemic has "had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people", and "has also not increased the total number of deaths."

Government officials have admitted they're mislabeling causes of death. This was easy to pull off when monetary bribes have been offered.

Visitors to hospitals and medical treatment centers that were supposedly "war zones", overrun with COVID patients, have found few or no patients at all, and little to no activity.

Evidence supporting the theory that there is a dangerous new virus killing people simply does not exist. As a result, statistics have been both fabricated and manipulated, as James Corbett has explained.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Coronavirus Statistics

A number of professionals have bravely come forward to speak out, including one of Europe's leading pathologists, Dr. Stoian Alexov.

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Other whistle blower scientists, doctors, and nurses have joined in the chorus of professionals exposing the fraud.

12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

10 MORE Experts Criticising the Coronavirus Panic

8 MORE Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

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In the following video clip, Dr. Kaufman explains that there's no evidence that the COVID-19 virus even exists. This is precisely why officials must resort to lies, pseudoscience, and phony statistics. (The one hour version from which this clip was taken can be seen here:

Others have come to the same or similar conclusions.

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Many more are speaking out, including this doctor...
Another Honest Doctor Speaks Out

And this doctor...

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And these doctors...
640 German Doctors: CV19 Is A Global Scam

And these doctors...
World Doctors Alliance

And these doctors...
Open Letter From Medical Doctors and Health Professionals to All Belgian Authorities and All Belgian Media

"After the initial panic surrounding COVID-19, the objective facts now show a completely different picture – there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore. The current crisis management has become totally disproportionate and causes more damage than it does any good. We call for an end to all measures and ask for an immediate restoration of our normal democratic governance and legal structures and of all our civil liberties."

-Belgian Doctors & Health Professionals

In fact, thousands of doctors, nurses, and scientists, now numbering over 60,000, have signed a declaration opposing another lockdown.
60,000 Doctors & Scientists Sign Declaration Strongly Opposing a 2nd COVID Lockdown

Various lawsuits against government lies and actions are also in the works, in Canada and elsewhere.

Lawsuit against Trudeau Government: Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati and the Lies and Crimes of the COVID Operation

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"...An international network of lawyers will argue this biggest tort case ever, the corona fraud scandal, which has unfolded into probably THE GREATEST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY EVER COMMITTED."

-World-Renowned Fraud Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuelmich

“Crimes Against Humanity”: The German Corona Investigation. “The PCR Pandemic”

And, as of late 2020, the secret to winning these lawsuits may have been discovered, as Dr. Pam Popper explains to Spiro Skouras in the following video.

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The Lawsuit That Could End COVID-1984


Dr. Vernon Coleman figured out the scam early on, and has been warning people about where all this is leading. YouTube has deleted a number of his videos in its efforts to censor anyone who even questions the lies of the governments, the World Health Organization, and other criminal entities pushing the pandemic propaganda.


Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi recorded a press conference during which they inadvertently exposed the pandemic fraud. They were being asked to provide an update on their experience during the early part of the so-called pandemic, and decided to do so via press conference. They were simply honest, and for their honesty, YouTube/Google and its overlords decided to censor the video. Fortunately, the video has been widely distributed on other video sharing platforms, and the full press conference can be seen here:

Must-Watch: California Doctors OBLITERATE the Coronavirus HOAX

The censorship of this video was not an anomaly.

YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others have gone all-out to censor anyone who even suggests that any aspect of the official viral pandemic story being fed to the masses may not be entirely accurate. These organizations are part of the malevolent takeover of technology and communications, and are working for the governments and control system to help usher in their desired hell-like state.

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In some parts of the world, threats of violence are being used against those who are questioning the pandemic and associated lockdowns, and simply pointing out the truth of the situation.

New Zealand Thought Police Threaten Man for His Online Posts

The ruling class is behind the fake COVID-19 pandemic, having planned it many years or perhaps even many decades ago. The plans were crystalized under a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation action plan called Lock Step. The title implies that the entire world would move into a tyrannical slave state, in lock step together, thanks to a manufactured viral pandemic. The events of 2019 and 2020 so far have mirrored the events predicted in the Lock Step scenario, almost perfectly.

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Investigative journalist Harry Vox identified and warned about their plan back in 2014.


At the following link, James Corbett takes a deeper look at their plan, along with other steps they took to achieve their goal of locking down the entire world.

James Corbett - Medical Martial Law

Another pandemic exercise, Event 201, was carried out in October of 2019, just prior to the start of the COVID propaganda campaign against the people.

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This was likely the final "test run" for those who planned and stood to gain the most from the pandemic propaganda assault.

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Certain participants in the exercise received stuffed Coronavirus plushies, likely as a way to commemorate the scam that was about to be foisted upon the world's populace.

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Others uncovered an extensive plan to completely change practically all aspects of society, laid out in documents presented by the World Economic Forum. These changes appear to have been planned many years in advance, with the planners knowing exactly what they wanted to accomplish, and knowing that a fake virus called COVID-19 would be used as the catalyst.

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Grace van Berkum explains where all this is going.

Grace van Berkum - We Are Being Played - PLEASE READ

Bill Gates, whose own foundation is intimately tied to the World Health Organization, has been one of the main players behind the push for a COVID vaccine. Gates, who's not a doctor, nor a scientist, nor an epidemiologist, has stated that society will not be able to go back to having gatherings until people are vaccinated. Who elected Gates to make decisions for society?

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Bill and his father have been well known eugenicists, and Bill has publicly stated that vaccines will help reduce the world's population by as much as 15%. As of mid-2020, Bill and Melinda are most certainly setting their sights on a much higher percentage. Melinda has stated that blacks should be one of the first groups to get the vaccine.

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Since the entire pandemic is a fabricated scam, Bill and Melinda know full well that there will be a so-called "second wave", and are full of excitement in anticipation.

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Dr. Fauci is also aware that the pandemic is a scam, and had stated back in 2017 that one would be coming during the Trump administration. In Fauci's own words, "there will be a surprise outbreak".

For a more comprehensive look into the scam and the many tentacles of evil that lead both to it and from it, please visit any of the following resources:

Plandemic: InDoctorNation is an excellent documentary that shows how the pandemic was planned, and how some of the most corrupt and evil individuals and groups are behind it. Mainstream sources have viciously attacked the documentary, in an effort to keep a lid on the truth.
Plandemic: InDoctorNation

David Icke has created a short animated film summarizing how humanity was deceived.
How They Pulled Off The 'Pandemic' - An Animated Film Explanation by David Icke

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Another recommended video is Dr. Kaufman's interview with Spiro Skouras:

If people continue to blindly believe the propaganda coming from the mainstream media and their governments, and continue to bow down to authorities by wearing masks, socially distancing, self-isolating, and being full of fear, the ruling class will get the exact society they want, which they've already labeled as their "new normal". "Normalization" terminology is propaganda used to convince entire societies into giving up their freedoms, rights, and privacy, and accepting it not only as the new way of life, but a better way of life.

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If they get away with it this time, billions will die, and life will never go back to the way it used to be.

"[If the current trends continue], the freedoms and opportunities that you had will never exist for your children."

-Jeremiah Babe

In this "new normal" that they're in the process of building...

  • • Everyone will be in a constant state of fear, 24/7/365.
  • • Masks will be mandatory everywhere, even in the home. Violence will be used against anyone who does not obey.
  • • Young children and even babies will be forced to wear masks.
  • • Most people will be suffering from health problems caused by the constant wearing of masks.
  • • No one will be allowed out of their home without their mask, along with their implanted vaccine certification chip or tattoo.
  • • Remote technologies like 5G will be used to detect and report anyone who disobeys these mandates.
  • • The vaccine certification chip or tattoo will also store people's identity, along with their central bank digital currency (CBDC), which will replace cash and other forms of currency.
  • • Without the chip or tattoo, one will not be able to enter into any stores, purchase anything, attend any events, renew their driver's license, or travel anywhere; those unwilling to comply with this digital passport system will be completely kicked out of society.
  • • The chip or tattoo will also be used to monitor each individual's location, activities, and purchases.
  • • People will no longer be free to speak or do anything without permission from government agencies or other government-sponsored gatekeepers like Facebook and Google.
  • • A social credit system like that which exists in China will be implemented worldwide, tied to each individual's CBDC wallet, and used to punish and ultimately destroy those who speak out against the increasingly tyrannical government policies.
  • • The ruling class will reset the financial system so that only they have wealth and property. This will be accomplished through what they are calling The Great Reset.
  • • The COVID vaccine, which will be mandatory for everyone, will modify everyone's DNA, make the young infertile, and kill or cripple the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. It will also result in transhumanism, as victims will be remotely linked to the 5G network using DARPA's Hydrogel.
  • • Government agents will forcibly remove people, including children, from homes, unless they consent to regular COVID testing and the yearly vaccine; these people will be taken to so-called "quarantine camps", which will likely be nothing more than concentration or death camps.
  • • Most of the world's population will be unemployed due to the deliberate destruction of the economy and monetary system, along with the implementation of robotics and artificial intelligence; as a result, the jobless will be forced into a universal basic income system tied to their digital identity, and that income can be cut off with the push of a button
  • • Privacy and freedom will be nothing more than fading memories from a distant past. Children of the future won't even know what freedom is, and will not have any chance of regaining that which they've lost.
  • • To hear a financial insider explain that all this is precisely what they're planning, and that they're disturbingly close to being successful, watch this short video - URGENT WARNING From Melissa Ciummei: Totalitarian Digital Slavery System Is Almost In Place

Other changes that will likely be implemented are listed on the Endgame page.

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"[What we're about to experience will] be way worse than Nazi Germany."

-Richie from Boston

This hell world is rapidly approaching, and it will manifest exactly as planned unless many more people awaken to the lies, and start standing up against the nonsensical and harmful rules, en mass.

Violence is already being committed against those who are not bowing down to the orders of the masters. In the below examples, the violence is being committed by none other than ignorant, brainwashed order-followers who are "just doing their job", dependent upon the government for their own survival. This "just doing my job" excuse will be used by people in a variety of occupations to force all of humanity into a hell-like prison, as most everyone will choose their paycheck over doing what's right.

In the following video, why was the woman's boyfriend or husband just standing there, recording video and pleading with the officers, rather than kicking the psychopathic order-follower in his face?

If we do not draw a line in the sand now, and begin to fight back, we will continue to be pushed into a corner, until we no longer can fight back.

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The quarantines, masks, social distancing, and self-isolation are the first steps in what will be a progressive destruction of our rights, freedoms, and privacy.

centered image


Additional restrictions and rules will be forthcoming.

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And when cash has been made illegal or worthless, humanity will be in deep trouble.

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These changes, along with other restrictions and rules will lead us directly into the dark new world order the ruling class has been working toward for so long.

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Billions will be victimized by genocide.

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The quarantine (death) camps are already being rolled out, all over the world.

centered image

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Video: Politician Randy Hillier Exposes Truth About Canadian Quarantine Camps

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And an official from the World Health Organization has already spoken about forcibly removing people from their homes and placing them in these camps.
WHO Health Official says we need to remove sick people from their homes to stop Coronavirus

So have officials in California.
Ventura County Health Department threatens to remove people from homes if suspected of COVID 19

Our situation will only continue to go downhill from here, unless we begin fighting back, and begin fighting back now.

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Stop falling for all the lies. Do a little research and then stand up for yourself and for others. Know that you're not alone in this fight.

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What follows are some action steps that will help get ourselves out of this mess:

  • • Shut off the TV and avoid mainstream sources of information as they are doing nothing but pumping out this fear-based propaganda that keeps people in a paralyzed, submissive, and weakened state
  • • Seek out and learn what's really going on from alternative and independent news sources, along with doctors and scientists who aren't afraid to speak the truth; see the listing above or the alternative media listing on the Everything Is Wrong page
  • • Refuse to obey the nonsensical and harmful rules regarding social distancing, wearing masks, and self-isolating; do the exact opposite of what the corrupt, lying authorities are commanding you to do; if enough people disobey there's nothing they can do
  • • Refuse to be tested for COVID-19, as the tests are 100% inaccurate, and consistently give false positives
  • • Refuse to allow government agents to kidnap you or your children, and take you to a "quarantine camp"; use righteous defensive force against anyone who attempts to commit this form of violence against you or your family
  • • Refuse to send your children back to school, as fabricated outbreaks at schools may be used as an excuse to quarantine, kidnap, and possibly force vaccinate children and their families
  • • Refuse to support businesses that force customers or clients to wear masks, use hand sanitizers, and take other harmful actions
  • • Use cash and refuse to support businesses that will no longer accept cash
  • • Support businesses that defy lockdown orders, like Mac's Public House, and don't require customers to wear masks or obey any of the other nonsensical rules
  • • Business Owners: Look into following the lead of Tom Trivilas by converting your business into a PMA (Private Membership Association) to prevent the criminals behind this scam from destroying your livelihood
  • • Refuse to stay inside; go outside and get sunlight, fresh air, and exercise, and encourage children to do the same
  • • Organize large outdoor parties or gatherings with dozens or even hundreds of people
  • • Organize large groups of people to enter into stores and other establishments together at the same time while not wearing masks or social distancing
  • • Reject any COVID vaccines, as vaccines are 100% fraudulent and do nothing but cause injury, disease, and death; some have suggested the COVID vaccine may cause infertility, change your DNA, allow for distant monitoring and tracking, and/or be a one-shot-and-drop "kill shot"; educate others on the true nature of vaccines so they are not victimized
  • • Spread the truth about the pandemic to friends, family, and others; create and distribute signs, posters, flyers, hand-outs; share this page and links to the other resources listed above; share on social media sites and via email; free printable cards and leaflets are available here, here, and here, this page can be shared by providing people with a link to, and a dedicated page of links to a number of different resources can be shared with people by pointing them to
  • • If unemployed, start working on ways of generating income, either locally within your community or online, to help cut the ties of dependency on government; Do not accept offers of universal basic income which will almost certainly come with conditions that will destroy your health, wealth, and freedoms
  • • Help one another; with millions now unemployed and many millions more set to become unemployed, it's time that we start helping those who are being harmed the most by this evil agenda
  • • Create and join communities of individuals who understand the truth about what's happening, and work together in a collective to support each other and come up with solutions and action plans; network with other awakened communities to amplify effectiveness; MeWe, Minds, and are three good platforms to connect with others; one group that's working on solutions and offers support through their community is The Healthy American.
  • • If you see a police officer or some other law or rule enforcement officer choking an innocent man or woman on the ground, at a minimum, kick him in the face!

***NEW*** Please click here for a comprehensive set of solution-based ideas, actions, and groups.


The only way we'll get ourselves out of this increasingly horrifying nightmare is for enough people to recognize the deception, and then begin saying NO.


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As of 2020, it's finally time for humanity make its decision. What will it be?


Or slavery?

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