The Solution - Part 7: The Ultimate Decision

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The ultimate decision comes down to a choice that we each have to make. That choice is between the easy path and the right path.

For example:

  • • Does the doctor warn his patients about the true nature of vaccines or chemotherapy, risk losing his job, and potentially his life? Or does he just do as he's told by his bosses, and continue to promote these harmful treatments, so he can keep his job, avoid criticism, and continue getting fat paychecks?
  • • Does the policeman find a different job, one that doesn’t pay as well or have the same level of benefits? Or does he just remain in the police force, and continue to violate the rights of innocent people practically every day, helping to usher in what will soon be a hell-like tyrannical state?
  • • Does the soldier quit the military, risk criticism, and lose the pay and benefits he relies upon to support himself and his family? Or does he remain in the force, continuing to follow orders and supporting the murder of the innocent?
  • • Does the classmate watch as the bullies beat up the boy who has trouble speaking? Or does he get in their way, and risk his own safety to give the boy a chance at getting away?
  • • Does the 30 year old stay home, watch sports, play video games, and drink beer, consuming all of his free time? Or does he research, realize people’s freedoms are being destroyed, and start speaking out about it, in spite of receiving criticism from friends and family?
  • • Does the TV or radio newscaster keep reading scripts that lead to suffering, disease, and death, just so she can keep her salary? Or does she decide that she won't be a part of the brainwashing of innocent people anymore and, instead, finds a different job, and begins speaking out?
  • • Does the man stand idly by as he watches several policemen beat a helpless teenager for no good reason? Or, does he step in and do everything he can to stop them, risking his own safety and well-being in an effort to stop the act of violence being committed?

One road is the easy road. The other is the right road.

This choice between easy and right is the fundamental dilemma within all of us. These are tests of our soul.

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While we may have initially believed that we were only fighting against an external enemy, the truth is that evil is not just something “out there”; it also exists and must be defeated within.

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The path we choose, right or easy, will determine whether we grow, evolve, and rise out of suffering, or we remain spiritually stagnant and get sucked downward.

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And our decision, at this critical moment in time, will help determine whether humanity survives... or is enslaved, and ultimately extinguished. If we wish to survive, we must extend compassion and empathy to all living beings...

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… all while standing up for our own rights, and the rights of others.

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If we do not change our ways, and change them now, we will have no future.

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Some within the ancient Egyptian culture understood the extreme importance of the decision between right and easy.

According to Egyptian lore, a person who has died is brought before the god Anubis to be judged. Anubis determines if they'll make it into the afterlife, or if they'll be eaten by the crocodile god Ammut. The person is not judged by what they looked like, how much money they made, what kind of a job they had, or how popular they were.

They are judged by the quality of their heart.

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This is truly what counts... what was the nature of our heart? What actions did we take? How did we treat others? Did we allow others to mistreat us? Did we allow others to be mistreated? Did we stand up and do the right thing in our life, or did we take the easy way out? This is the ultimate test. This is what determines whether we are a success... or a failure.

"Every single second of every single day we are given that choice between good and evil. [The ultimate goal] is to lead with your heart; do everything with compassion and care and love and honesty and integrity. At the end of the day, when you cross the gates of death, your heart's going to be weighed... how light your heart was is what's going to count."

-Marty Leeds

The Final Expressions at the End of the Two Paths

In the beginning, we looked at the three expressions of consciousness: thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Now that we have an understanding of what's needed to develop ourselves and make a positive impact in the world, we can check to see if we're on the Path of Fulfillment (The Positive Path), or the Path of Failure (The Negative Path).

This determines if we’ve reconnected with our true nature and our true selves, or if we've been misled and are spiritually disconnected.

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Are we working to gain knowledge, understanding, and wisdom? Or are we choosing to just trust what others tell us, and ending up in a state of ignorance?


Have we developed true care, empathy, and compassion for other living beings? Or are we apathetic, indifferent, or uncaring?


Are we acting with courage, willpower, and determination to do the right thing? Or are we afraid, lazy, or just not willing to act at all?


Aligning our thoughts, emotions, and actions on the Path of Fulfillment transforms our lives for the better, and creates major problems for the system and groups that keep humanity enslaved.


Creating Your Legacy

Is what you do while you're alive important? Consider the following.
'Earth' is an anagram for ‘heart’. Earth is the center and the heart of our reality.

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What happens here on Earth affects everything, everywhere, forever. And when you lead with your heart, with morality as the foundation, you are following the path of truth, and the path of freedom.

The actions you take while alive are imprinted upon the permanent record of reality, and they affect all things, everywhere, forever.

"What we do now ripples in eternity."

-Marcus Aurelius

So when your life is over, what legacy will you leave? What impact will you have made?

  • Did you become responsible? Or did you let others dictate your life?
  • Did you think for yourself? Or did you blindly trust so-called authorities and the media?
  • Did you help others? Or did you ignore them?
  • Did you stand up to violence? Or did you cower in fear?
  • Did you speak out against injustices? Or were you silent?
  • Did you lend a helping hand to those less fortunate? Or did you look the other way?
  • Did you try to awaken others? Or did you remain inactive?
  • Did you make an impact? Or were you just another follower?
  • Did you do the right thing, no matter how difficult, and no matter the consequences? Or did you take the easy way out, in exchange for comfort, fame, power, or a paycheck?

You’re not here to just live your life and then die. You’re here to be so much more. You’re here to change the world.

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"Never ever think that what you do doesn't matter. One act of kindness, one demonstration of bravery and one sentence of Truth, all hold within them the power to set off a chain of events that can literally change the fundamental structure of this world... EVERYTHING matters."

-Gavin Nascimento


Living In Harmony with Natural Law: A Prerequisite for Freedom

Creating a completely free world can only occur when a sufficient number of people learn and then act in accordance with Natural Law. This means learning the difference between right and wrong, and then willfully and consistently choosing actions that are right, while refusing to tolerate those who will not follow the simple rule of “do no harm”. This is a prerequisite for achieving human freedom.

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Combined with the understanding that we are NOT slaves, and actions based on that understanding, we will dispose of the criminal ruling class that dominates us, and lead ourselves to true freedom.

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In the end, it comes back to each of us choosing freedom over slavery, through our thoughts, our words, and our actions, all in alignment, and working toward the goal of freedom for all living beings.


Putting It All Together: Becoming a Force

In the beginning, we learned that we're in a war. This war is not being fought with guns, grenades, or bombs. This war is being fought in the realms of the mind and the heart, with the ultimate goal being the enslavement and destruction of the human species. For this reason, it's critical that we take steps to protect ourselves, and join the fight to save humanity. This means learning, understanding, and then taking action with knowledge of:

  • • Morality
  • • Natural Law
  • • Our Rights
  • • Personal Responsibility
  • • How To Think For Ourselves
  • • What's Really Happening On Earth
  • • How Practically All Living Beings On Earth Are Being Harmed
  • • How We Can Be A Light In The Darkness, Protect Ourselves, Stand Up To The Control System, and Make a Positive Difference

It means taking a spiritual stand, by choosing truth instead of lies, right instead of wrong, and good instead of evil, in all that we do.

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When we invest in learning, understanding, and ultimately improving ourselves and our actions, we will become conscious, powerful beings who have escaped the grip of evil. We will climb our way out of the spiritual quicksand. We will break free from our chains.

In this state of individual freedom, we are free to destroy evil, wherever it lurks, through our words and our actions. And when we help others to learn and grow, we will be helping to save all living beings, and prevent the dark future that's been planned.

This occurs when we combine...

  • • Knowledge (Mind)
  • • True Care (Spirit)
  • • Action (Body)

This is the Trinity within, the true Trinity…

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When our knowledge is based on truth...

When we've developed true care in our heart…

And when our actions are based on doing the right thing, no matter what...

...we have evolved into conscious, powerful beings, capable of blazing a path toward freedom.

This is the path of the warrior.

On this path, humanity will set itself free.

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