Individual Actions You Can Start Taking Right Now

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    What follows are action steps that you can and should be taking right now. Every act counts, and will help to determine whether we end up as free people, or as slaves.

  • Shut Off Your TV - Shut off the polluted streams of misinformation that are fueling this travesty. Mainstream media on television, in newspapers, on radio, and on the internet are all colluding with governments to promote the false reality that a viral pandemic is real and dangerous. Nothing could be further from the truth. By eliminating these sources of propaganda and educating yourself with facts from honest scientists, doctors, and researchers, you will eliminate fear, and place yourself in a position to start taking positive actions.

  • Stop Participating - Do not comply with any mandate or order that violates your conscience or common sense, regardless if you stand alone. If you disagree but still participate, your silence is consent. Passivity will not make this oppression end sooner and return to "normal". The less we resist the more will be taken. Now is the time to rise up, join forces and say "NO MORE". There is power in numbers. Choose not to wear masks, isolate yourself from people you love, or follow orders that are not even logical. Live your "normal". Be honest with yourself. Do you truly agree with your own actions or are you just following orders? For those living in the United States, carry a card (front, back) that explains your rights. Or, print, carry, and utilize the No Masks Please document. Send letters to express disapproval and refusal. One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Say No To The Vaccine - Refuse to be a guinea pig for unsafe, untested, experimental vaccines. All vaccines are toxic, harmful, and have never been proven safe. Covid-19 vaccines/injections are likely even more dangerous. They have been fast-tracked through safety studies and long-term testing, have not been evaluated for effects on fertility, and may cause sterility. Many reportedly contain mRNA, a new experimental substance designed to permanently modify your DNA. Vaccine companies cannot be sued, thanks to protections granted by the U.S. Government, so if you're injured, no one will be held liable. Reports of serious side effects are pouring in, including Bell's Palsy, severe allergic reactions, heart attacks, and death. The vaccine is not a ticket back to normalcy. Even after receiving the vaccine, masks and distancing are still required. No one has the right to force any medical treatment on you without your consent. ***For assistance with fighting back against mandated vaccines, please click HERE and scroll down to the Legal Solutions & Guidance and the Legal Resources headings.***

  • Help Spread The Truth - Share cards, flyers, and stickers. Visit the Daylight Rising Media page for custom-made designs to share online or in the real world. This encroaching tyranny can be defeated if enough people are awakened with messages of truth and freedom, so share as much as possible. A summary of the COVID scam written with references to share with those who are still under the spell of propaganda can be found by visiting Off Guardian's 30 Facts You Need to Know: Your Covid Cribsheet.

  • Refuse To Be Tested For COVID-19 - The so-called test most commonly used — the RT-PCR process — is not an actual diagnostic test at all, cannot detect infectious disease according to its own inventor, and consistently creates false positives according to the World Health Organization. These false positives are being used to inflate the statistics and usher in even more medical tyranny. Some experts have hypothesized the nasal test swabs may be administering some type of chemical or drug to the brain. A positive result may also turn you into a target in the future. Nothing good can come out of being tested.

  • Refuse To Be A Victim Of Contact Tracing - Contact tracing is a tactic whereby neighbor is turned against neighbor in order to enforce privacy violations. Contact tracers are only reinforcing the surveillance system, and infringing upon people's right to privacy. Just "doing your job" is never an excuse to violate or harm others. Refuse to participate in this Nazi-style psychological operation. If you have an Android phone, remove the contact tracing function that was added without your consent. Or, better yet, dump your Apple or Android phone and replace it with a De-Googled phone, or a Linux phone. The only way to be truly untraceable is to not travel with a phone at all.

  • Say No To Vaccine Passports - Vaccine passports, once thought of as crazy conspiracy talk, are now a reality. They will be used to prevent non-compliant individuals from participating in society, shutting them out from restaurants, retail stores, concerts, sporting events, and even food stores. They will force people to get endless booster shots, which will eventually lead to mass disease and death. The successful implementation of vaccine passports will be the nail in the coffin for freedom, as they are a stepping stone for the implementation of a Chinese Communist style social credit system, whereby the government will have complete control over every aspect of each individual's life. If you are involved in vaccine passports in any way, it is critical that you reject their use, and educate others before we all fall into this trap. Corey's Digs article explains how we can stop them, and why we must stop them - 22 Ways To Stop Vaccine ID Passports in 2022 and Why We Must!.

  • Say No To Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) - Central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, are digital currencies that will allow for the complete and total control of our financial transactions. They will allow the government to strip away our financial privacy, prevent us from being paid, and prevent us from paying for goods, services, and even food. The implementation of a CBDC system, combined with a vaccine passport/social credit system, will be the official end of human freedom. Those who do not do as the government says, or are critical of the government, will find themselves unable to survive.

  • Protect Yourself And Your Family - Use righteous defensive force against anyone who attempts to commit violence against you or your family. Do not allow government agents or contact tracers to kidnap you or your children, and take you or them to a "quarantine camp". Acquire and learn how to safely operate and store a firearm. Stock up on ammunition and magazines. If you cannot acquire a firearm, look into alternatives, such as knives, axes, machetes, stun guns, pepper spray, slingshots, or bows. As tyranny marches forward, having a weapon may mean the difference between life and death.

  • Stock Up On Essential Goods - Stock up on storable food, bottled water, medicines, first aid supplies, radios, flashlights, batteries, tools, personal care products, and anything else you and your family may need in an emergency during which you may be stuck at home for an extended period of time. This page lists some general supplies and this page provides some food advice.

  • Refuse To Send Your Children To Public School - Public school is one of the root causes of our current situation, as students are not taught how to think critically or question what they're told by so-called "authorities". Fabricated COVID outbreaks may also be used as an excuse to kidnap, quarantine, and possibly force vaccinate children and their families. And forced masking, social distancing, and quarantines within schools are making children increasingly sick, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Look into alternatives such as homeschooling, unschooling, and other superior ways of educating our youth.

  • Teach Your Children What's Really Happening - Do not allow your children to fall victim to the fear-based propaganda that an invisible enemy lurks and could attack them at any moment. The psychological damage this is causing children will permanently affect the way they perceive themselves and reality, and will open doors to even more tyranny and loss of freedoms in the future. Teach your children that there is no evidence supporting the existence of a virus, masks are useless and even harmful, and vaccines do nothing but cripple and kill. Teach them to say no to masks and vaccines. Teach them that honest doctors and scientists are speaking out, but they are being censored. If children are not taught the truth, humanity will have no chance at a free and peaceful world in the future.

  • Stop Working For And Supporting Organizations Carrying Out Crimes Against Humanity - We are the ones building the walls of our prison by working for and supporting the companies and organizations that are in the business of destroying us. Stop working for telecom companies harming people with wireless radiation. Stop working for big banks destroying people's wealth. Stop working for pharmaceutical companies poisoning children and adults with vaccines. Stop working for big agriculture companies sickening people with GMOs. Stop working for the mainstream medical system destroying people's health. Stop working for the corporate media lying about practically everything. Stop working for Google, Facebook, and Twitter spying on people and censoring them. Stop supporting companies that are violating their employees' human rights. By working for and/or supporting these and other organizations, we are complicit in their crimes, and helping to usher in what will quickly become a literal hell world for all of us. Instead, work for and support businesses and organizations that are in the process of uplifting and maintaining human health, freedom, and privacy.

  • Support Businesses Doing The Right Thing - Find and support local and family-run businesses who are not complying with the mandated shutdowns and don't require customers to wear masks, submit to temperature checks, or obey any of the other nonsensical rules. The Freedom Directory - lists some of these businesses. Refuse to support businesses promoting this scam and all the unlawful mandates that go with it.

  • Stand Up, Business Owners - If you own a business, do not shut down. This is a direct attack against you, your families, and your employees. Do not sit back and allow them to destroy your livelihoods. If you choose to defy unlawful orders to shut down, also choose to defy all other unlawful orders applying to your customers. Refuse to compromise by requiring masks, social distancing, and violating customers' medical rights. Operate normally, the way YOU created your business to function successfully. Look into what gym owner Tom Trivilas accomplished by converting his business into a PMA (Private Membership Association), as a way of completely avoiding the shutdown orders and other restrictions.

  • Refuse To Support Mega Corporations - Corporations like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Lowe's, and Home Depot are being given special treatment while small businesses are being stamped out. If support for these companies continues, they will be the only ones left, and thousands of previously available products and services will no longer be available anywhere, while tens of thousands of small business owners and their employees will be unable to survive.

  • Grow Your Own Food And Medicine - The most empowering step you can take is to gain the ability to provide for yourself and your family. Order and save seeds. Plant as much as possible. Network with local farms, CSAs, and other gardeners to share, trade, and support local businesses. Find sources for eggs, milk, honey, and whatever staple items you need. Reduce your dependency on supermarkets.

  • Refuse To Patronize Junk Food Establishments - While small organic and health-conscious restaurants and cafes are being shut down, disease-promoting corporate giants like McDonald's, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, and others are being allowed to stay open, sell their poisonous foods and drinks, and will be the only options in the future if people continue to patronize them.

  • Keep Cash Alive - Use cash and refuse to support businesses that will no longer accept cash. Once cash is eliminated from society, a number of our freedoms will go with it.

  • Barter And Trade - Trade and Barter is an excellent system to avoid monetary exchange. Take inventory of items you currently own and skills you possess. Trading services can be very valuable. One could trade repair services in exchange for a haircut, or an oil change. Don't underestimate what you have to offer. Time is equally valuable. Someone may need a babysitter or dog walker. Don't overlook everyday tasks. Start practicing now with your friends and family. Instead of going to a store, see if anyone has the item or service you need and would be willing to trade. There are also many online resources and trade networks to join. One of our greatest assets to thrive will be relying on each other as a community. Every interaction we have can be mutually beneficial.

  • Do The Right Thing, Officers - If you're a police officer, sheriff, or someone else with law enforcement duties, uphold your oath to protect and serve the people rather than the corrupt, lying politicians, by refusing to enforce unlawful orders regarding masks, quarantines, and business shutdowns. Join the growing numbers of other law enforcement officers who are already doing the right thing.

  • Connect With, Meet, & Organize With Others In Your Local Area - Part of the lockdown agenda has been to ensure we stay detached, alone, isolated, and relatively powerless. By connecting with, meeting, and organizing with others in our local areas, we can amplify our power, share our skills, and create opportunities that would not otherwise exist. Freedom Cells (, Freedom Meetup (, and even ( are all good resources for finding others to connect with nearby. Unjected ( is another site whereby one can meet other freedom-minded individuals.

  • Make Connections With Your Local Farmers, Your Local Butchers, Your Local Doctors, & Your Local Businesses, & Begin Developing Plans So That You Can All Continuing Operating and Surviving No Matter What Happens - Establishing connections with those whom you rely upon for food, medicine, and other goods and services and then establishing ways to continue doing business with these individuals and businesses could mean the difference between life and death. Begin transacting in gold and silver with these businesses by sharing and utilizing the Gold and Silver Calculator, and look into other forms of payments such as cryptocurrencies like Monero.

  • Connect With Like-Minded Employees In Your Company Or Organization To Fight Back Against Unethical Mandates - If your company or organization is mandating masks, testing, or vaccines, find as many co-workers who oppose these mandates as you can, connect with them outside of work, and then begin working toward solutions. There is power in numbers, and plenty of companies and organizations have already had to reverse mandates after employees stood up and said NO in unison. Banding together also increases your ability to align with law firms who will represent you, and protect your rights in court.

  • Help One Another - Look for opportunities to help those in need. It's time for us to come together, work together, and create a better world for all.


     Can you help us fill this page with additional action steps? Email us at pathwaytofreedom (at) protonmail dot com, and if we like your suggestion, we'll add it to the list.

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