The Solution - Part 6: Additional Actions That Will Free Humanity

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Becoming free requires that we consciously choose actions that will disconnect us from the parasitic systems designed to enslave us. What follows are, in no particular order, some additional action steps that will help us take our power back from government, the criminal ruling class, and the control system:

  • • Becoming as self-sufficient as possible; learning a skill or starting a business so that we can become our own boss, and aren't reliant upon others for our survival; the control system is aggressively trying to make everyone dependent - take steps to eliminate your dependency

  • • Organizing and supporting each other in our own families, communities, and neighborhoods (This has been bred out of people who are now taught to rely on government and government hand-outs; in the past, people helped and supported each other so that no one was homeless, no one was jobless, and no one starved)

  • • Growing our own food and then sharing that food with friends, family, and neighbors; the control system is in the process of destroying food production and distribution, worldwide
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  • • Supporting local farmers; buying their food and other products, even if their prices are higher than supermarket prices

  • • Starting community gardens in vacant lots, on rooftops, or anywhere there’s unused space

  • • Converting useless and wasteful grass lawns into productive food-producing gardens
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  • • Creating sustainable, permanent gardens and food forests using permaculture, creating vertical gardens, and creating gardens using the Back to Eden gardening method, which allows gardens to flourish even in the driest of climates


  • • Producing our own energy; using solar, wind, water, or any other method that will reduce or even eliminate our reliance on the electric grid, which is used as another tentacle of control

  • • Collecting and using rainwater instead of poisonous municipal tap water (Warning: I would not recommend drinking rainwater due to the aerial spraying that goes on in most countries)

  • • Working for ourselves; becoming self-employed

  • • Starting a business and selling products and services locally or online without charging tax

  • • Working for cash, cryptocurrencies, gold, silver, or alternative currencies

  • • Taking money out of banks and converting a portion of it to gold, silver, cryptocurrencies, or other currencies that cannot be controlled, stolen, or inflated away by central banks (note that this is not financial or investment advice; at this point in time, cryptocurrencies are a risky speculative investment - only invest what you can afford to lose); reviewing the Money topics to learn more

  • • If purchasing gold and silver, purchasing coins and bars made by independent mints and individuals rather than violent governments
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  • • Avoiding credit cards, debit cards, phone-based payment systems, and other convenient payment methods that eliminate privacy; the world’s richest families get a cut each time we use a credit card, and all of these methods are used to track us, and will eventually be used to control us

  • • Using cash and refusing to do business with any companies that will not accept cash
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  • • Using cryptocurrencies to buy and sell goods and services; each time a cryptocurrency is used instead of government-issued money, humanity moves one step closer to freedom; visit the COVID Solutions page on Money for several ways we can start using cryptocurrencies
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  • • Refusing to accept or use central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which will be us to track, control, and enslave each of us
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  • • Avoiding debt except under certain circumstances, as debt is a tool of control used against individuals and societies, and it will be used to enact extreme levels of control and slavery once a CBDC is rolled out

  • • Refusing to pay the immoral extortion fees known as taxes – avoiding them by any means necessary; understanding that not paying taxes is our inherent right, and that the money goes to fund the system that poisons us, dumbs us down, and destroys our freedoms; spreading this truth to others; reviewing the information on Taxation to learn more
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  • • Exiting the rat race of corporate slavery and instead creating the life we want by living in tiny houses, sheds, alternative shelters, or even cars, vans, or RVs
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  • • Using bicycles or electric bicycles instead of cars or trucks, as cars and trucks are used to create debt slaves, people who must remain in the corporate slavery system to pay them off

  • • Refusing to purchase electric cars and trucks, as these will be part of the digital prison wherein your ability to travel can be restricted or even revoked by the so-called authorities

  • • Buying items used instead of new; refusing to give money to corrupt profit-over-people corporations to buy their slave-labor-made products

  • • Bartering; buying and selling items using cash or cryptocurrencies via peer-to-peer marketplaces like Craigslist, Barrrter, and Monero Market
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  • • Refusing to support corrupt corporations like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Whole Foods, and refusing to support other corrupt industries, like the pharmaceutical and banking industries; voting with our money!

  • • Shopping at local family businesses and farmers’ markets; reading the reviews and doing the research on Amazon and then buying locally from independent shops and individuals
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  • • Refusing to use self-checkout lanes at stores, as these are a big step toward the automation and robotization of society which will lead to masses of unemployed people who will be unable to survive

  • • Buying products that come from factories that do not abuse their workers or employ child labor

  • • Being careful about what companies we support; many health food and health supplement companies have sold their souls and are now owned by large corporations that have no regard for their customers’ well-being, or the well-being of animals
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  • • Becoming conscious about how products are made and avoiding those that are made by exploiting or murdering animals
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  • • Refusing to support the exploitation, abuse, and murder of animals by switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet, and becoming conscious of the products we purchase; reviewing the War Against Animals topic to learn more

  • • Taking steps to rebuild our health by eating healthy and protecting against toxic foods, chemicals, fluoride, vaccines, radiation, and other assaults directed at us; the ruling class doesn’t want a healthy populace that can think clearly and has the ability to fight back

  • • Refusing to support fast food restaurants and refusing to eat other corporate-produced junk foods that are designed to destroy our health and dumb us down; reviewing the Poisonous Foods And Beverages topics to learn more
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  • • Avoiding non-organic (pesticide-contaminated) foods as much as possible

  • • Avoiding GMOs as much as possible; reviewing the GMOs topic to learn more
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  • • Avoiding fluoride as best as we can; being active in the community to have fluoride removed from local water supplies; reviewing the Fluoride and Poisoned Water topic to learn more
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  • • Refusing to go to mainstream doctors and hospitals except in emergency and life-threatening situations; instead going to holistic health professionals, and using foods, herbs, and other natural remedies as medicine; educating ourselves about true health and nutrition; reviewing the The Mainstream Medical System Scam topic to learn more
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  • • Avoiding pharmaceutical drugs, as they are all toxic, and the vast majority do not address the underlying cause of symptoms, and end up doing more harm than good; reviewing the Pharmaceutical Drugs topic to learn more

  • • Refusing all vaccines for ourselves and our children no matter what; reviewing the Vaccines topics to learn more
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  • • Refusing harmful cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation; reviewing the The Predatory Cancer Industry topic to learn more

  • • Refusing to give birth in mainstream hospitals unless medically necessary, as hospitals do nothing but cause pain, trauma, and injury to newborns; reviewing the Mainstream Medical System Scam topic to learn more

  • • Avoiding toxic mercury tooth fillings, and having mercury fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings by a qualified holistic dentist

  • • Removing our youth from state-run schools and educating them ourselves, or allowing them to educate themselves with real world experience; children allowed to remain in state-run schools will become the sickened, dumbed-down slaves of the future; reviewing the School topic to learn more
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  • • Avoiding colleges and universities except when necessary; teaching ourselves and our children what we need to learn instead; practically all information is available for free on the Internet so there's really no reason for most to go to school anymore

  • • Refusing to pay attention to political drama, recognizing that it’s nothing more than an irrelevant facade designed to distract us while our rights, freedoms, health, and wealth are stolen from us

  • • Refusing to vote and refusing to believe the lie that some have the right to rule over us without our consent; reviewing the Voting topic to learn more
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  • • Understanding that we own ourselves, we own our bodies, and governments and other external authorities have absolutely no right to make any decisions that affect what we do or do not do with our bodies, and the bodies of our children; reviewing the Rights topic to learn more
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  • • Refusing to allow so-called “cell” towers to be installed near our homes, businesses, and schools, especially new 5G towers; understanding that if all who live, work, play, and go to school near these towers did not consent to their installation, then they have absolutely no right to be there; if they’ve already been installed, working together with others to have them removed, by any means necessary
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  • • Refusing to use cancer and infertility-causing WiFi in our homes, businesses, and schools; using wired communications instead; urging businesses and other gathering places to eliminate WiFi for the safety of everyone
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  • • Taking steps to reduce and prevent our exposure to radio frequency radiation from cell phones, so-called “cell” towers, and other sources of dangerous radiation; reviewing the Radiation Poisoning topic to learn more

  • • Refusing to buy ‘smart’ appliances (televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.), as they will be used as part of the global surveillance network while cooking people with harmful radiation at the same time; they call them ‘smart’ because they believe we’re stupid

  • • Refusing to accept facial recognition technology, which will be used to track, control, and ultimately enslave humanity

  • • Refusing to obey government laws en mass, especially if those laws are immoral, unjust, or nonsensical
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  • • Understanding that government laws have absolutely no power over us unless we falsely believe they have power over us; teaching this truth to others, especially our children
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  • • Refusing to fall for the endless divide and conquer traps (black vs. white, liberal vs. conservative, etc.), understanding that they’re nothing more than a mind control tactic that keeps us spinning our wheels but going nowhere

  • • Refusing to fall for the latest fear-based mass mind control trick - the COVID-19 Pandemic Scam.
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  • • And then standing up against and refusing to comply with the illegal, immoral, and unlawful actions people are being told to take as a result of this fake pandemic.
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  • • Using cameras to capture the crimes of police and other agents of the state, and then sharing online
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  • • Attempting to educate members of the police and military about the true nature of their jobs, giving them an opportunity to cease being two of the main parts of the problem; reviewing the Police topic and the Military topic to learn more

  • • Learning about firearm usage and safety and then owning and carrying firearms for protection, no matter what any criminal government says; reviewing the Gun Control pages to learn more

  • • Using righteous defensive force against anyone who attempts to use violence against us or our families, including agents of the state; reviewing the Self-Defense topic to learn more

  • • Having extra food, water, medical supplies, and other items that would be useful during a period of economic or societal unrest

  • • Refusing to waste our lives away on TV, movies, and video games; instead, working on ourselves, our skills, our knowledge, our mental state, our health; looking for opportunities to make the world a better place; finding our passion and then acting on it
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  • • Dumping centralized, privacy-violating computer operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Apple and instead using open source versions like Linux (e.g. Mint, Ubuntu, etc.).
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    • • Taking the Privacy Roadmap Course to get a full, hands-on learning experience that will ensure you're using the latest and greatest privacy tools and techniques while having the support from a community of like-minded individuals -
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    • • Supporting independent media and researchers, as most rely on donations from readers/viewers to do their work; donations as little as one dollar per month would make a huge difference and allow these people to continue fighting for truth and freedom; a list of some of these individuals and groups exists on the Everything is Wrong page

    • • Supporting ventures that spread truth, destroy lies, and work toward positive change, in any way possible
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    • • Shifting from centralized, easily-controlled, monitored, and censored online platforms and services like Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, to decentralized platforms and services that are designed to eliminate censorship, preserve privacy, and promote free speech and sharing of ideas. Some of these include:

    Alternatives to Google
    Metager (
    SearX (
    SearchEncrypt (
    Swiss Cows (
    (Note: Startpage and DuckDuckGo are not recommended as they usually return government propaganda as top results, and there are reports that DuckDuckGo may be run by groups actively working against humanity.)

    Alternatives to Gmail, Yahoo Email, and Hotmail
    Protonmail (
    Tutanota (
    Hushmail (
    Others (

    Alternative to Google Apps
    Framasoft (

    Alternatives to the Google Play Store
    F-Droid (
    Aurora Store (

    Alternatives to Twitter
    Gab (
    Twetch (
    Mastodon (

    Alternatives to Facebook
    Steemit (
    MeWe (
    Minds (
    Parler (
    Zion (

    Alternatives to YouTube
    Odysee (
    Bitchute (
    DTube (
    Alt Censored (
    Brand New Tube (
    Brighteon (
    153News (
    BitTube (
    Banned.Video (
    Sovren (
    Gab TV (
    3 Speak TV (

    Alternatives to Skype
    Discord (
    Jitsi (

    Alternatives to Facebook Messenger
    Telegram (
    Signal (

    Alternatives to Google’s Chrome Web Browser and Mozilla Firefox
    Brave (
    Vivaldi (
    Tor (
    IceCat (
    LibreWolf (

    Alternatives to Apple’s OS, Microsoft Windows, and Google’s Chrome/Fuschia OS
    Linux Systems such as Ubuntu or Mint (,
    Tails, for additional privacy (
    Whonix, another privacy-based operating system (

    Alternatives to Apple and Android Phones
    De-Googled Phones (
    Purism Librem 5 (
    PinePhone (

    Comparing Linux Phones: Librem 5 and Pinephone (Video)

    For more alternatives to increasingly corrupt and privacy-invading software and platforms, check out...
    Online Alternatives 2021
    Awesome Privacy

    And to learn how to purge Google from your life, visit The Comprehensive Guide to Quitting Google.

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    ...and watch Rob Braxman's Phone, Internet, and Computer Privacy videos.


    • • Creating your own website, blog, podcast, or video channel where you share the truth and where it is less likely to be censored, and then promoting it to reach as many people as possible; storing all videos and other media locally (on hard drives, USB drives, DVDs, and other local media) will prevent censors from permanently wiping away information they don’t want people to learn; Unstoppable Domains allows for uncensorable, undeletable websites and Odysee allows for the uncensorable sharing of videos.
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    • • Uploading videos and other files to anonymous file sharing sites like Anonfiles, and offering them as torrents.

    • • For those creating and sharing videos, posting the videos not only on YouTube, but also on alternative video hosting sites (Brighteon, Odysee, Bitchute, etc.) that aren’t in the business of censoring and removing content that goes against the mainstream narrative lies; putting all your eggs (videos) in one basket when that basket is owned and controlled by your enemy is not a good idea
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    • • Spreading the truth in the real world, with posters, signs, cards, pamphlets, stickers, billboards, and anything else that will help awaken the sleeping masses; high quality printable cards and flyers can now be found here:

    • • Speaking out against evil, wrongdoings, and lies, no matter whether on paper, in person, or online
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    • • Shifting at least some time, attention, and energy away from distractions such as sports, video games, TV shows, movies, and politics, and using that time to educate ourselves about what’s really going on in the world, and what we can do about it

    • • Refusing to give precious time, attention, and energy to pornography, which is one of the ruling class' greatest tools against an inactive public; reviewing to learn more

    • • Getting involved with and supporting individuals and groups working toward positive change; becoming active… getting off the couch, getting away from the computer, and putting down the phone... taking action... becoming an activist!
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    One example of a group doing good work is Fluoride Alert, which is educating people and working toward eliminating the intentional poisoning of people all over the world.

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    Learn the Risk is another that works to spread the truth about vaccines through billboards and other information-sharing campaigns. (archived link if the site is down)

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    The Falling Fruit Project provides a database that points people to free sources of food and water, all over the world.

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    One Kind Act A Month hands out food, clothing, and other essentials to homeless in Philadelphia, and is working toward purchasing housing for low-income families.

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    Network with Awakened, Like-Minded Individuals

    Even if those living nearby are not yet awakened to the truth of what’s going on, we can still empower each other by networking with neighbors. Nextdoor ( is an app that allows people to join forces within their local communities to support each other and take action toward common goals.

    For those who wish to seek individuals in their area who may be more aware of what’s really happening in our world and ready to tackle larger challenges, there are options for that too.

    For example, Derrick Broze and The Conscious Resistance Network’s Freedom Cells:

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    And groups of like-minded truthseekers and activists are already on Facebook and Instagram, as well as uncensored platforms like MeWe and Minds.

    When we combine our minds, hearts, and actions with others who have the same goals, we grow exponentially in our power and potential to create change.

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    Questions we should ask are...What are we good at? What talent do we have that can make the world a better place? What is our passion? Our answer will lead us toward our unique path that will help pave the road to freedom.

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    Carey Wedler has some ideas that will help free humanity; some overlap with ideas presented here. Note: I wouldn't support funding lab-grown meat, as that venture is part of the globalists' agenda to destroy both our natural food supply and our health.


    An author from the Anti Corruption Society website also listed a number of ideas:

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - Defense Strategy #4


    Jason Christoff is aware of what needs to be done, and offers several important starting steps, and much more in his podcasts.

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    Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter-Gamble's Thrive II (This Is What It Takes) promises to offer more solutions, and help light the way toward freedom.

    What other ideas can we come up with that will help us free ourselves? Simply understanding morality and sovereignty, and then standing up to our oppressors would likely end the system of slavery, but unfortunately most people don’t even realize they have oppressors.

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    In conclusion, we need to find ways of becoming self-sufficient within our communities, cutting the cords of dependency on government and corrupt rulers, and taking actions to create positive changes, all while rejecting the systems and rules designed to enslave us. The more steps like these we take, the closer we move toward achieving true freedom for all.

    The power to create a better world lies solely in our hands.

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